Baby swimming getting started

From the first splashes in the bath to confident diving, birthlight offers home recourses and classes to help parents and babies enjoy the freedom and fun that water provides. Look for certified birthlight trained teachers who can either support you at home with the early weeks programme or include you and your baby in one of their classes. Individual sessions or classes will give you the confidence to enjoy the water with your baby wherever you are.

Birthlight’s acclaimed gentle approach enables parent and baby to truly experience the joy of moving in the water together.

The continuity of nurture and support that birthlight teacher provide provided has helps families through the joys and challenges of the early years. Birthlight classes create ever-widening circles of friends around the world.

As introduction to enjoying moving in water for you baby we also recommend Birthlight ’s Enjoy Baby Swimming DVD and Françoise’s Barbira Freedman’s book ‘Water Babies’ republished as 'Teach Your Baby to Swim’.

Birthlight Aqua Baby classes guarantee the following quality standards:

  • Pools suitable for babies
  • Small classes
  • Individual rapport between the teacher and each parent/baby pair
  • Continuity of support through developmental stages
  • Playful yet structured and effective teaching.

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