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Baby yoga testimonials

"The baby yoga classes have been great for me and Lucy you made me much more confident about how to physically handle her as I am a natural worrier! You also gave me a repertoire of songs which really cheer her up and “twinkle twinkle little star” she does associate with sleep and chilling out. You also provide an environment where you can meet and make friends and I am sure that there are some people I will stay in touch with for a long time. I wanted to take the opportunity to say I think you do a fabulous job and myself, Richard and Lucy will always be grateful to you."

"I joined Francoise's classes when Adam was 11 weeks old and immediately we both found the baby massage relaxing as well as healing and enlightening. The first time I felt the benefit of the baby massage was when Adam was constipated, which was very unlike him since I am fully breastfeeding. I was taught where exactly to massage Adam's feet and which kind of exercises will encourage bowel movements. By the time, we were back at home; Adam did a big poo, which unfortunately climbed right up his back….. But nevertheless, I was happy, since Adam was content again and I got the bonus of the first time, he slept for 8 hours continuously!!!!

I also believe that the baby massage and baby yoga have an effect on the child's mental development. For example, during the classes I was introduced to a new way of picking Adam from the floor, which involves a circular movement as opposed to just placing him flat tummy to tummy. After a week, Adam began to roll by himself from his back to his tummy and backwards!

Anyhow, I just wanted to say thank you again for everything – I truly learned a lot and most important enjoyed the environment and the process as a whole. I recommended my pregnant cousin to join your classes but I think she is still on the waiting list, so you will probably meet her rather sooner than later. Meanwhile I hope to meet you again during my next pregnancy!!!!!"     
Anat & Adam