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Aqua yoga training testimonials

"I used some of the new moves we learned in my lessons and they went down a storm! Some of my ladies were so relieved and happy as they suffer with lower back pain and were so excited about getting back in the water and one comment I had was “ I knew the lesson was going to be great… but that was awesome!” which was from an American lady who has been coming to my classes for about 3 months.

Once again thank you so much for all of your knowledge at the weekend it was wonderful and very very beneficial and I feel even more inspired and excited about Aqua Yoga x"
Hayleigh Jones - Aqua Yoga Level 2 June 2012

"An excellent course. I hope I can bring to my classes the feeling of wellbeing and contentment that I have experienced from this course. After having a difficult birth 2 years ago it has been therapeutic for me and helped me begin to let go. Again, positive experience I want to bring to my classes."
Aqua Yoga Level 1 June 2012

"It is a really huge privilege to be taught by Francoise. She is like a waterfall (niagra) of knowledge, love and wisdom. Truly inspiring. Thank you for inspiring the start of my Aqua Yoga journey."
Monica Douglas Clark - Aqua Yoga Level 1 June 2012

"I feel confident following the course, even though I have no prior experience of yoga or swimming teaching, that I will be able to support people to enjoy Aqua Yoga."
Learning Disability Nurse RNMH - Aqua Yoga Level 1 June 2012

"In the Level 2 course, I have learnt how to adapt Aqua Yoga for injuries and ailments and gained several different new sequences, including more movements with partners. I now have a better understanding of relaxed stretching in water and how breathing is an essential part of Aqua Yoga"

"Birthlight Aqua Yoga has changed a fair bit for the better in the last 2 years: there are many new poses and sequences, a better relating of anatomy to ailments and explanations of the science behind the movements. I have learnt more interesting variations in the new moves and will include rotations, which I did not before. I feel more confident to offer postnatal classes and even a wellwoman aqua class. I have a better understanding of how to combine breathing and movement instead of teaching specific breathing exercises, then movements.

The Level 2 Aqua Yoga is an excellent course, a font of wonderful information. I have learnt more about SPD/PGP and the movements to address it. I will be able to give a better explanation as to why a movement would work, for example the practices for heartburn in pregnancy."

"I am very honoured to have been able to train as a Baby Swimming teacher and new Aqua Yoga teacher with Birthlight. Since becoming involved with Birthlight my life had truly changed for the better. Thank you!"
M. Mc George - Aqua Yoga June 2011

"I feel the course has opened a whole new world to me. I don't have a yoga background but I do have a strong swimming background, and the course has shown me how the two can be connected. I feel inspired to go and enjoy aqua yoga myself and to continue to learn more in order to go and enjoy aqua yoga myself and to continue to learn more in order to be able to teach it effectively"
Cath Templeton - Aqua Yoga June 2011

I have found the first part of the Aqua Yoga teacher training inspiring. It has answered so many questions that I have had and confirmed a lot of what I believe in teaching in the water. By finding harmony with the water we can learn more effectively, and by relaxing, and concentrating on the quality of the movement and the breathing much more can be achieved. The combination of water and yoga amplifies everything that is done on land, and this includes the therapeutic benefits as well. This is what I have always believed in and it is brilliant to find that there are others who think this way to!
Kathryn Offer - Aqua Yoga June 2010