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Birthlight training testimonials

"Thank you birthlight for another inspiring empowering enlightening seminar.

It was refreshing to enjoy a seminar with Rosanna as the leading tutor.  She set wonderful examples of bringing a team together and following the schedule while leaving time for what naturally comes up.  Of acknowledging every participant’s ideas and questions.  More interestingly she was amazing at disagreeing without being disagreeable!  What communication skills!!  Rosanna was really sensitive and smart at dealing with matters that could make some get defensive or even feel offended.  Beautiful!!

Congratulations Rosanna, Elda and Birthlight for utilising the knowledge we share between us in Athens, but fail to share more often.  This seminar made us realise there is knowledge, there is power locally. Thank you Birthlight for sharing the scientific knowledge of the present, for preserving and rediscovering the wisdom of the past, for bringing it all together around the world, transcending time and space, dressing it all up with love into the Birthlight spiral of joy!."
Rania, Yoga for Maternity Health Professionals - Level 1, Athens December 2012


"Thank you very much for these days! Thank you for knowledge, for flow, for unforgettable experience. This course also appeared a good supplement and extension of knowledge from Perinatal Yoga course. And of course, Francoise is a real Fairy! Energy that comes from her, probably gives even more than words."
Tatiana Tsvetkova - Postnatal Yoga October 2012, Moscow 

"This has been an awesome experience - I have learned so much through this beautiful way of working with women for healing. It has also been a personal healing and strengthening experience, more than a teacher training course. From my heart, thank you"
B - WellWoman Yoga July 2011

"It is a really huge privilege to be taught by Francoise. She is like a waterfall (niagra) of knowledge, love and wisdom. Truly inspiring. Thank you for inspiring the start of my Aqua Yoga journey."
Monica Douglas Clark - Aqua Yoga Level 1 June 2012

"It is interesting now to see my progression as I read back through my class plans and notes with the addition of your comments. It brings home how much difference the experience of teaching makes really quite quickly, and, of course, how much there is still to learn - both from experience and further study.
The coursework, with the teaching of a series of pregnancy yoga classes as well as time spent researching and pondering my lengthy answers to the written questions, was time-consuming but it really was invaluable to me, and Francoise's feedback made it even more precious in giving this course real depth and making me feel confident and ready to teach pregnant women.”
Tiffany Bown - Perinatal Yoga

"I was excited before starting the course but I am simply 'buzzing' and cannot wait to get out there and teach, learn and most of all help and impart this knowledge to other parents"
Kulsuma - Baby Yoga 2010

"Everything has been explained to me in such a beautiful relaxing way and enhanced my passion in my teaching. I have had the most wonderful experience and enjoyed every single minute of my course. I have learnt so much".
Amanda Leverett - Advanced Infant Aquatics 2011