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Perinatal yoga testimonials

"During my pregnancy i practised them regularly and had often moments of deep happiness and joy. To deliver a baby was as heaven and earth would meet- an unforgettable and wonderful experience. Now I am practising Postnatal Yoga and I have recovered well."   

"The Birthlight Ante Natal classes helped us by providing factual information and advice in a structured but informal environment. We were supported to reach properly informed decisions about our preferences for birth.This undoubtedly helped us feel ready for the birth, and as a result of being relaxed and at ease, we are convinced that this helped us in the delivery as well."   
S and R Standley

"Birthlight was an amazing opportunity for me to be in a room with first-time mums as nervous as me. Not only was the ante-natal yoga a chance to relax, but a discussion forum on everything imaginable, from current worries about pregnancy to questions and concerns about the actual birth. This, supplemented with aqua-natal, pure luxury time for mum and bump in the water, made my pregnancies comfortable and relaxing. I made many very close friends through Birthlight. Even after our babies were born, we carried on with baby and post-natal yoga and swimming. Now a mother of two, I am absolutely convinced the classes helped my children be calmer, happier babies. Thank you to Sally and all her colleagues for offering these invaluable classes."   

"You may recall, my first born was posterior and the painful labour lasted over 12 hours. I was administered several epidurals and finally Charlie was dragged out of me using vountouse. I felt totally demoralised, distraught, in pain and useless, during and after this experience. My physical recovery was slow. Charlie, my baby was ill content for some time after his arrival.

My second birth was super fast, lasting less than 3 hours. It was so fast that I had no time to get a grip on controlling pain. I felt totally out of control. Baby Eve went into distress, I was given 2 attempts to push her out but I failed, she was vontoused out. My birthing experience was again awful and I had so wanted to feel that I had played a part in this birth.

News of the Birthlight course during my third pregnancy drove me to attend despite it being held some way from where I lived. I wanted to experience a birth that i felt in control; of and one in which I felt I had contributed to. Your words on how giving birth could be were reassuring and yet I could hardly believe them. You said that birth is ‘entirely logical’, ‘just let your baby come out and don’t hold him in.’ The movements we practiced sometimes seemed a little odd, but I believed that your own experiences and research with other cultures had shown you how nature had intended birth to be.

I had been told that my 3rd birth may be very quick; it was. As soon as I had the first twinge I went straight to hospital. The midwife was sceptical that I was in labour since it was such a short time in which to become established. She said that I did not have the look of distress that she was so often greeted with. She was therefore surprised to find that I was already dilated 8/9cm. This is what had happened with my second labour, but the final few cm’s of dilation had been dreadful. I was admitted to a labour room.

My husband wanted to be present at the birth but he is very squeamish. I told him that I was going to do some odd things, but I was attempting to have a good birth this time and if I feel inhibited it would be detrimental to this. He accepted this which was a tremendous help. I breathed, i ‘elephant walked’, I reminded my buttocks to stop clenching, I flung my arms down with great exhalations of release and generally looked like a mad woman. Fortunately I did not care how ridiculous I appeared to onlookers. I was almost in a trance like state, the breathing was now so powerful. As the contraction increased in intensity I repeated to myself the words ‘ let go’. I knew the contractions were very intense but somehow they didn’t feel really painful. The best way I can describe the feeling was that it was like surfing on a great wave. It was a process that i repeated time and time again. I was totally ‘centred’. Several midwives came into the room saying that they had heard that I was dealing with my established labour very calmly. For all the 1st stage of this labour I was on my feet (except for sitting down on a bucket with a cushion from time to time.

The third stage kicked in very powerfully. The contractions were extremely intense now but I could feel the babies head ready to crown. I had to call the midwife to come. She helped me through this stage by reassuring me that the baby was almost there. I really didn't need her to tell me when to push, the instinct was telling me clearly. As the baby's head crowned, i was aware of this strange unearthly noise coming from deep within me. It was not the pure cry of pain I had made on my last births; it was something quite different. At the time I had no chance to think about it but later i remembered you talking about the primal scream and wondered if it was that that I had produced, a cry of total release.

Keir was born, he suckled immediately like he had been well practiced. He fell asleep very contentedly and has remained a very calm baby to this day. My experience during my third birth was more than I could have hoped for: not only had I been able to control the pain, but in addition, I have now experienced one of the most wonderful experiences nature could provide."

Thank you Francoise for your help.