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Incorporating Mindfulness into Pregnancy Yoga CPD

Course Name: Incorporating Mindfulness into Pregnancy Yoga CPD
Full Course & Coursework Details
Date: 21 Apr 2018 - 21 Apr 2018
Course Type: Perinatal Yoga
Course Level: Study Day
Course Tutor: Nadia Raafat (Teacher)
Course Cost: Please contact course organiser
Residential Status: Non-Residential
Residential Cost: £65 birthlight members / £80 non birthlight members

Booking Contact:
Valerie Turner
+44 1223 362288
[email protected]

Course Venue:
Synchronicity Studios
London, United Kingdom

Book Online    Download form

Birthlight CPD: Incorporating Mindfulness into Pregnancy Yoga One Day CPD Workshop

Teacher: Nadia Raafat

9.30am Five Minute Guided Self-check-in

9.40am Student & Teacher Introductions

10.00am Bringing Mindfulness to Pregnancy Yoga & Birth Education

10.15am What is Mindfulness? What is not Mindfulness - the myths and misinterpretations?

10.30am What are the differences between Yoga and Mindfulness and why might we want to bring Mindfulness to our Pregnancy Yoga Classes?

10.45am How Mindfulness affects the Pregnancy and Childbirth Experience

11.00am BREAK

11.15am Practical ways of incorporating mindfulness into our practice:
- Developing witness consciousness through movement and through stillness
- Mindful Yoga Flow 45 minute practice

12.00noon Mindful body scan

12.20pm Circle with Reflections/questions/observations on yoga and body scan, experience so far.

12.30-1.30pm LUNCH BREAK

1.30pm 5 minute Guided Self-Check-in Plus share three observations from check in.

1.40pm Introduction to Attitudes of Mindfulness

Explore ways in which we can bring more mindful awareness to our pregnancy yoga classes.

3.00pm Meditation in Pregnancy - The benefits of meditation

3.15pm Sitting chakra awareness meditation

3.30pm Walking Meditation

3.35pm Sitting Meditation

3.45pm Mothering the Mother, Self-Nurture and Self-Care

4.00pm Closing circle and questions.

4.30pm END

Course Prerequisites

Open to all Perinatal yoga teachers and trainees. Pregnancy yoga teachers qualified from other organisations

One CPD every 2 years is mandatory for all Birthlight teachers.

Specific Information Nadia is a birth doula, a yoga and meditation teacher, a birth dancing teacher, and a birth educator.

Over an 11 year period Nadia has experienced four births of her own, supported tens of women as a birth doula and taught hundreds of women pregnancy yoga and birth education. She has developed a 10 week Mindful Birth Preparation programme that is built on a strong foundation of yoga and mindfulness. She has also written and produced the first DVD programme for Pregnancy combining Yoga and Mindfulness which Francoise has personally endorsed. Nadia is the facilitator of the PBM Clapham branch and the founder of the Magnetic Mothers Circle - an SW London-based attachment mothering group.

She is passionate about preparing and supporting women on all levels of their being as they transition to and through Motherhood.

Please read the Course Terms and Conditions.