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Aquanatal Yoga Level 1

Course Name: Aquanatal Yoga Level 1
Full Course & Coursework Details
Date: 17 Feb 2020 - 19 Feb 2020
Course Type: Aqua yoga
Course Level: Level 1
Course Tutor: Kathryn Offer
Course Cost: £460 birthlight members / £495 non birthlight members
Residential Status: Non-Residential
Residential Cost: n/a

Booking Contact:
Charlotte Bampton
+44 1223 362288
[email protected]

Course Venue:
Chailey Heritage Foundation
Lewes, United Kingdom

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Aquanatal Yoga level 1 focuses on pregnancy yoga in water.

Birthlight offers original adaptations of classic yoga practices in water as Aqua Yoga. In water, yoga is made more accessible irrespective of fitness. Aqua Yoga increases mobility for all, whether beginners or advanced yoga practitioners, tentative or confident swimmers. In contrast to other forms of water exercise in which the water is mostly used for resistance, Aqua Yoga fluid moves are based on all the qualities of water.

Course Prerequisites

The course is open to applicants with an interest for yoga who are:
- Swimming, aquacise, aquarobics and aquafitness teachers
- Aqua therapists with a personal experience of yoga
- Midwives
- Yoga teachers who are confident swimmers
- Health professionals using water skills including Watsu practitioners

Applicants should be able to swim 25 metres comfortably without the use of swimming aids, be confident in submerging themselves and comfortable in deep water. Students must participate in the pool for all water sessions. A CPR qualification is also highly recommended. Life Saving skills are required for those planning to work in pools without a lifeguard on poolside.

Specific Information

Please read the Course Terms and Conditions.