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Combined Baby Massage and Baby Yoga Level 1

Course Name: Combined Baby Massage and Baby Yoga Level 1
Full Course & Coursework Details
Date: 27 Jun 2020 - 30 Jun 2020
Course Type: Baby yoga
Course Level: Level 1
Course Tutor: Marion O'Connor
Course Cost: Birthlight members early £560 / regular 610 Non-members early £595 / regular £645
Residential Status: Non-Residential
Residential Cost: n/a

Booking Contact:
Charlotte Bampton
+44 1223 362288
[email protected]

Course Venue:
Bristol School of Yoga
Bristol, United Kingdom

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This is our new 4-day intensive integrated training, blending Nurturing Baby Massage, Baby Yoga and Interactive Yoga with babies for parents/carers.

The course and the supporting resources will enable you to create a professional range of enjoyable sessions of nurturing baby massage and baby yoga for babies from 6 weeks to pre-mobile which can be adapted to suit your families’ and groups’ needs or individual pairs.

As with all Birthlight courses we integrate theory with practice. In line with the ever growing scientific research and evidence on how we develop as babies physically, mentally and emotionally our core Birthlight practices have been developed, honed, tried and tested over the last three decades. They create powerful connections between mother/parent/carer and baby thereby allowing deep-rooted evolutionary mechanisms to surface and function. Benefits are subtly embedded in every technique for optimising babies’ neurophysiological and psychobiological development. Simply put, as babies and parents are supported in their development and understanding through attending these sessions their connection, physical and emotional balance and well-being can flourish.

Course Prerequisites

The course is open to:

- Health professionals (nursery nurses, health visitors, family support workers) with a related interest
- Childrens’ Centre Staff (child development practitioners, family support workers, outreach workers)
- Yoga teachers with an interest in babies
- Mothers looking for a new direction in life’s journey, through the Mother’s Route to Training, conditional to completing the anatomy and physiology of infants module before attending the course.

Specific Information
Early bird discount ends 16 May 2020

Please read the Course Terms and Conditions.