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Yoga for Maternity Health Professionals Level 1

Course Name: Yoga for Maternity Health Professionals Level 1
Full Course & Coursework Details
Date: 04 Apr 2014 - 06 Apr 2014
Course Type: Perinatal Yoga
Course Level: Level 1
Course Tutor: Wendy Gadsden
Course Cost: NZD 700 before 30 Nov, NZD 750 after 30 Nov
Residential Status: Non-Residential
Residential Cost: n/a

Booking Contact:
Valerie Turner
01223 362288
[email protected]

Course Venue:
Eden Gardens - Auckland
Auckland, New Zealand
Online booking not available, please
contact course organiser.

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Birthlight Yoga for Maternity Health Professionals aims to enhance women’s comfort during pregnancy and labour and to reduce the need for medical intervention in childbirth with carefully selected and tested adaptations of yoga. ‘Birthlight Yoga’ teachers will be able to impart to pregnant and labouring women the understanding and skills they require in order to be positively involved in their birth experience, however the process unfolds at the time. Rather than information, women take body memories and awareness to their labour space: this is how yoga is effective.

‘Birthlight Yoga’ has been developed in collaboration with midwives over 20 years. The course was inspired by Amazonian rainforest midwives and by women using their breath to ‘exhale push’ without strain irrespective of previous experience of yoga or levels of fitness.

The course is in full conformity with NICE guidelines for normalising birth (2008). Research has confirmed that central oxytocin levels associated with positive outcomes are raised by yoga practice (McNabb 2003).

Course Prerequisites

This programme has been specifically designed for Midwives, Doctors, Childbirth Educators, Obstetric Physiotherapists, Maternity Support Workers and Doulas who have an experience of Yoga.

Specific Information Payment only by paypal: [email protected]

Course runs from 9.00 to 17.00 approx

Please read the Course Terms and Conditions.