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A Chance to Connect

It is a very special phase in a woman's life to be pregnant. A little human, enveloped by its mother, is growing and being created, being nourished and carried around. It is a very joyful phase, in a woman's life. She is preparing her home, her family, her mind and her heart for a new baby. In the baby, generations and memories are passed on to. In the being of the baby, families and generations are brought together - and connected.

I feel that the Birthlight teaching is very aware of this special phase the pregnant woman is going through. The powerful practice of yoga is being touched in the most gentle, nourishing and loving way. Yoga is meant to connect: to connect the body and mind, the heart - the whole being. For a pregnant woman, connection is key. To connect with her own body, to connect with the baby but also to connect with her breath and her spirituality. Birthlight brings her closer to her baby and thus to her self. Throughout my teacher training I have felt how much love and dedication has been there to create the Birthlight teachings and lessons. I am very grateful I was able to learn how to teach according to the Birthlight principle. I am still learning how to make connection; connection with myself, connection with my surrounding, actually how to make a true connection with all living beings. I feel that for me, Birthlight was another step in my journey to learn how to connect. A true chance to connect!

Anne Euny Koh