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A priceless treasure to women!

I did not exactly know what to expect from the Birthlight teacher trainings.

Before the training started I asked myself...what would be the benefits of yoga in pre-pregnancy, what would be the benefits of Birthlight pre- and post pregnancy yoga in comparison with ‘regular’ yoga or even with other yoga courses for pregnant women?

And... I went back in memories. What did I do when I wanted to get pregnant? What did I need when pregnant, at labour and during post pregnancy?
‘Travelling’ back in time, I wrote down a list of things I would have liked to know at that time or at supported in.

I remembered that my partner and I decided to live very healthy the moment we realised our wish to have children. Since female ova and male seed need about 3 months of development. Sport was part of our daily life so we just continued with that. We decided on balanced meals, no drinks and no stress!
Although no stress? Since then, while making love, some stress was introduced as the ‘right time and day’ for making a baby was not always the right time for making love!

But....We were  a very lucky couple since three months later we conceived our baby.  I realised then – as I  realise even more now, as a specialised trainer and coach on stress expressions - that stress is ‘checking in’ without even noticing and doing so much damage. Imagine... When getting pregnant  takes some  time, it can really be a tricky gamebreaker. And what stress is caused when medical examinations come into your life?
I intuitively knew when we conceived both our babies. I guess this was the first time since I was a kid that I was so much in tune with my body.

During the Birthlight courses, Francoise told us about her living and conceiving her own babies in the Amazon. No wonder that the Birthlight programs are soaked with old female body wisdom.

What wonderful, amazing female yoga exercises we learned that week. It felt like coming home in my female body again. My body recognised long forgotten worlds of female wisdom coming from the Amazon, handed over by Francoise Freedman.
Since I originally have been educated and worked as a trainer on ‘intuitive body language’, specialising in pregnancy issues, I immediately knew that I wanted to teach these Bithlight women wise and supporting programs in Holland.

This is a priceless treasure to women! Specially in this culture where more and more young women do not trust their body any more. Where young, perfectly healthy women are ‘afraid’ for giving labour or at least worried about pregnancy, their bodies (during and after pregnancy) and labour. 

I realised it NOW was my time to step into the Wise Woman role and organise courses to hand over this priceless treasure. Not only to young women, but also to older women since the yoga movements Francoise teached us are of equal value for women of all ages.
What did I do when I wanted to get pregnant? What did I need when pregnant, at labour and during post pregnancy? I can only advise positive on Birthlight trainings!
Coming home a wonderful present was handed to me. My stepdaughter handed it to me: the most lovely babysocks with text

“I am becoming grandma”

“And you are going to be my first student" I told her.

That was something she already counted on since she knew I would be coming back as a Birthlight yoga teacher.  
Ineke van Os