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A tutor's delight

Being part of the process involved in birthlight Baby swimming teacher training is a privilege. I have the opportunity to meet so many interesting and gifted people. What we all have in common is an innate compass, which tells us that there is something more in baby swimming, and we are diligently seeking for it. This happened to me, over decade ago. I knew that I was searching for a method that understood the unique properties of water and sought to use these to enhance the parent and child's aquatic experience. I was looking for a method that integrated the breath, spinal alignment and aquatic balance in this amazing gravity free environment. A method which encouraged children and adults to play with and understand their buoyancy. I found birthlight, or maybe, birthlight found me.

The joy of this exchange with students means that I am able to ask them 'why birthlight?' And I can safely say, that their answers will resonate with many of us.

"I just knew there was something more"

"Until I found birthlight, it felt like I had a jigsaw with a piece missing"

"Finding birthlight was like coming home"

I know what they mean, I felt and still feel the same. The core values of our birthlight teaching remain unchanged. We follow a code of practice, which speaks of love, respect and belonging, forming community is at the heart of what we do. Empowering individuals and families to be who they are and find an expression for this being, means that we celebrate each and everyone as unique individuals but as part of a whole.

Birthlight is not a conventional baby swimming method, it encourages water parenting and above all submersions by choice, the baby's choice. But in all this, my question to birthlight teachers who have finished their training is 'how has birthlight changed your teaching?' Here are some of the answers:

"I am not so tired after teaching for hours in the water, because through careful observation, I can provide space and time for learning to be consolidated"

"So here's how it's been for me so far...... After so much worrying about how to transition my classes to the Birthlight method, I found that the moment I entered the water on my first day back after the course, the change was there already. The change wasn't in the method, the change was in me.....and there was nothing I could do about it, because it had happened already! From day one I simply asked the parents to change their body position in the water (I can no longer stand up during lessons, even if I try!) We sang, we worked on holds, we played, but everything at half the tempo (it was no effort for me, it was a relief!)"

"Reading the babies' cues rather than giving the baby cues is a fantastic experience which intrigues me, and I believe gives the parents faith in their communication with their child. Going under water is turning out to be a lot more enjoyable to those babies who are happy to go because they get to do it more often whenever they choose to and those who choose not to, simply do not go."

To end, for now, a closing sentence from a message I received today:

"Birthlight is really the only way"

I agree, I think so too.

Happy learning and happy teaching.