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Aquatic Nurture healing

Newborn families form Aquatic Nurturing bonds

Over the past couple of months I have been working with families with newborns using Aquatic Nurture with results I couldn’t have predicted. With the lovely mums I thought I knew quite well from my Pregnancy Yoga sessions, it made me realise that I had only skimmed the surface. An eye-opening privilege for me was to visit their homes and see, directly in front of me, the relationship between the mother and baby and, in these cases, the father, form a deep lattice of loving communication.  It provided an opportunity for the three to delicately and respectfully communicate with each other using the magical ingredient - water. It was heartwarming to witness touching moments, when the heart-to-heart connections almost made audible pinging sounds as the medium of water emphasised their baby’s sophisticated communication skills, and the family bond strengthened.

Trauma healing

“2 months of Aquatic Nurture in the bath overcame our birth traumas”
One mother and baby pair had suffered a traumatic birth, separated for 10 days after the C-section birth before meeting each other, then the doctor suggested that baby should stay in hospital for a couple of months. Mum declined and took baby home where she practiced techniques such as Birthlight massage and babywearing, but what she considered paramount in the mutual healing process was spending time together in the bath using the Birthlight Aquatic Nurture techniques such as: foot anchoring, exploring safe boundaries, sonic massage and experiencing the caressing nature of the touch of skin and water.

Sceptical experienced mother

This first mother I worked with is an experienced Birthlight Baby Swimming teacher with three athletic and well-rounded sons. In all honesty I was apprehensive as to what I could offer her and her new daughter, surely there was nothing I could teach them. We came together when baby was just over 8 weeks, and the pair already had already enjoyed daily bonding sessions in water. We were fortunate to have a small warm pool and a larger and even warmer pool to practice in privately in a perfect environment. Mum admitted,
“In the beginning I was a little embarrassed at getting too much attention and having expectations.”
After one session she mellowed, and baby followed suit.
“…I realised I should relax, be natural, and talk about everything, share my feelings, and this helped me to know my baby and myself better. There were new discoveries for both of us, baby and me, in a nice atmosphere.”
Mother admitted that she has always underestimated individual sessions and didn’t like them much because she didn’t think she could relax during them. But after one session she concluded that when you trust the effect the one-to-one session becomes productive.
This long-experienced Baby Swimming teacher and coordinator now believes that Aquatic Nurture sessions should definitely be practiced before attending Baby Swimming group lessons. Although Mum had known and practiced techniques in the home bath before we started the Aqua Nurture sessions, she highlighted some specifics of our sessions as being beneficial for the pair

  • We were able to check how baby reacts
  • We could observe whether or not baby’s (areas of patterned) trauma remained cued or had been cured
  • We could analyse reasons for reactions
  • I was reassured that I had done everything possible for my baby 
  • I got new ideas how to progress

Mother was just as happy with her own recovery in the water. She got new ideas for postnatal breathing whilst entertaining baby in the water, and we worked on healing the partial paralysis she still has in her leg which she got after the epidural. She revealed that she liked the attention she got as a new mum and summed it up with,
“I like being nurtured”
I witness this mother relentlessly giving to her family, her business and her students. Seeing the special time the pair could enjoy together, and observing the evident beneficial outcomes was invaluably rewarding for me. It was humbling to see an experienced Birthlight teacher and mother open herself to the Aquatic Nurture techniques, and their profound effects are a testament to the positive power of Birthlight practices.

One month on from our sessions, aged 3 months, gorgeous baby and mother enjoy water time together (shown in top photo).

Marion O'Connor
Birthlight tutor

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