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Aquatic nurture - wonderful dialogues

I´m mother of two wonderful boys. They are now 10 and 11 years old. When I think back in their baby days I wasn´t taught how to bath them in hospital.

I had a midwife who came to our house and we did one bath with her together. The focus in this time was on cleaning the baby. My midwife gave me a lot of helpful advice in handling my baby.

After a traumatic experience in a babyswimming lesson with my younger son I began to be interested in qualitatively good babyswimming. I became a baby swimming teacher and in 2011 I founded my own babyswimming school called “Aquababy”.

In the course of time I got to know many traumatized babies. Be it because of their birth or their first water experience.

In March 2019 Francoise Freedman invited us tutors to introduce her new teacher training programme “Aquatic Nurture”. It was such a wonderful experience for me to observe the nurturing baths on that day. With Aquatic Nurture a smooth transition from the baby bath to the large pool for babyswimming is possible.

Back in Austria I started to find babies for my case studies. I did my case studies here in Austria with 3 week old Anna and 18 week old Elias.

The first bath was with Anna. I was literally high from all the oxytocin I got during this Aqua Nurture session. I knew this feeling from bathing my babies. I was overwhelmed!

The second bath with Elias was also very wonderful. He was older and I already knew him form my babyswimming classes.

I made the experience that both mothers gained a lot more safety in handling their baby during bathing. The mothers observe their babies and learn to read their cues. I could observe wonderful dialogues. With Aquatic Nurture the focus isn´t just on cleaning the baby. And that´s so important to explain.

From both mothers I got the feedback that newborn parents should be taught Aquatic Nurture.

My aim is to provide Aquatic Nurture here in Austria and I want to train midwives in this practice.

Nicole Sauseng
Baby Swimming Tutor

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