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Aquanatal yoga - my beautiful career

aquanatal yoga relax

My Birthlight journey began exactly 10 months after giving birth to my first child. It was put on hold seven weeks later.

My Aquanatal Yoga training was being delivered in Bristol and Katy Offer was my tutor. She was excellent and I found the training sessions to be fun and super informative. I had accepted a job offer to become an Aqua Natal instructor. Everything was looking wonderful until I couldn’t leave my daughter to complete the third step of training for my future employment.

It was then that I decided to put my training on hold and to focus on my little girl. My husband and I also decided during this point to start trying for a second child. I was 37 and wanted another child but wasn’t quite sure how long the journey was going to be. It wasn’t a long wait, I found I was pregnant, and my baby was due in December 2018. It was with this news that I made the decision to contact Birthlight to see whether I could extend my Level 1 training and complete the required coursework postnatal. Birthlight were more than reassuring and offered me guidance, support and encouragement. I was given an extension until October 2019.
This extension allowed me to focus on my two girls, myself and to take my time to find the right employment that would work for all of us. Keeping in touch with Birthlight along my parenting journey helped me and them to know that I was still on board, just on hiatus.

In May 2019, Katy my Birthlight tutor, contacted me to see whether I would be interested in a position opening in my area. It was at a local pool and teaching with another experienced student of Birthlight. My decision to accept this position as a self-employed Aqua Natal instructor filled me with excitement but also apprehension as I hadn’t completed my coursework and now had two children under three years under my care full time. (You mommas out there know how hard this job is, let alone taking on another!) But I decided to take it and see what good things happen with it. And boy did they ever! My colleague agreed, along with my tutor, to help me with my case studies and to get me completed with my coursework. I attended an STA safety course and before I knew it, I was qualified and started teaching my own classes this November.

The classes are so special for mums-to-be. They are for me too. The deep breathing techniques and the hip opener exercises are just some of the excellent work we do as a group in a lovely warm pool. I get to meet mums that care about their pregnancies and want to get prepared for labour. It really is a beautiful career. I couldn’t be more pleased with my decision to train and be a part of such a supportive, caring and professional company.

Thank you Birthlight, my tutor Katy and to my colleague Sue. And a special thanks to my wonderful new mums, I hope they continue to love the classes as much as I enjoy teaching them.

Kindest wishes,

Kimberly Shortt

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