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Aquanatal yoga - the impact on my life

Evangelia Katsaiti shares her thoughts re how Aquanatal yoga has had an impact in her personal and professional life. Evangelia benefitted from an 'assisted place', part of which was funded by the Birthlight Trust. This is part of the birthlight charity work, allowing women to change their life and get a qualification with Birthlight.
I contacted Birthlight for an Aquanatal Yoga scholarship when 2 months pregnant after a Greek doctor's suggestion to abort the baby because of a typhoid jab I got (I was going to India to study yoga therapy and did not know I was pregnant). When I accepted the scholarship I was greatly emotionally supported by all the Birthlight  team and especially from both Sally and Francoise who taught the course.

I did the course in February and came back to Greece. In April I decided to move to a suburb near the sea so that I could practice what I have learned. I went to the sea every day from early June till August 27th that my baby boy son was born.  I practiced the bubble breath, talking to my baby starfish side stretches which helped greatly with my back pains, adapted swims which strengthened me, russian dance for swelling feet glides which helped me let go, and woggle swirls which helped me change the position of my baby when time came. My son was born in just an hour of great urges at home in a birth pool, it was the most beautiful spiritual experience in my life.  I owe that beautiful experience and the special bonding that we have to Birthlight and my determination to implement all that I have learned in that course. In other words it is not an exageration to say that Birthlight encouraged me and educated me like no other to become the best mother I can be by the staff support. Birthlight (Sally) also gave me Elda's contact details and she was the midwife in my son's birth. Elda gave me the contact of a group called birthvoice where I met my now best friend Dafni, Maria my doula, and Evangelia the doctor that was in my birth and also got in touch with La Leche league.

To cut  a long story short through the Birthlight network I got access to a network of support which helped me emotionally to sustain the difficulties presented to me since I am an unemployed single mum at the moment. Moreover I heard about the baby yoga course and did that too and we enjoy our sessions with my son which have given us extra fun and wellbeing. By doing the coursework I realised how much I could help others by just merely passing on all the wholesome goodness and knowledge that I got from Birthlight. I am currently unemployed because my baby boy is 5 months old and I needed some time to regain my footing, but I am confident that I can be and will pass on my experience to others. I am now starting to recover and do my postnatal practice every day, and hopefully I will be again working soon. I now know that passing through this milestone safely with my son will also be a Birthlight achievement since it taught me to listen and talk to my baby at all times which gratefully started simply by blowing bubbles while making a sound back there in Granta pool  supported me in labour, and goes on till now in everyday endevours. Last but not least I want to say that I am grateful to Birthlight for the knowledge, the spirit and support that made me the mother I am and intent to cherish and pass on its message of love with responsibility, respect and humility. Thank you all for your service!

With love