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Baby swimming with birthlight

A year ago I was offered the opportunity to teach Adult and baby swimming as part of my swimming classes, I had no experience of teaching baby swimming, I hadn’t taken any of my 3 children to adult and baby swimming classes and I was completely out of my depth I did not know what I was doing but I knew I could do it a lot better.  I had been frantically looking for a course and it felt like fate stepped in and I was asked if I wanted to attend a Birthlight course.  At the time I didn’t know anything about Birthlight I just wanted to go on a course. I know now why that course was the right one for me. The whole experience has changed so much for me both personally and professionally.

The birthlight baby swimming course itself was truly inspirational for so many reasons, meeting Sally Lomas, who exudes love and light and the feeling that anything is possible. The group of women were also so amazing, there was such a positive environment where everyone worked fantastically together cheering each other on, it was a real privilege to have been part of that group.

I feel through the Birthlight training, I have finally found something I really want to do and that I love doing. With every adult and baby class I have a sense of amazement and wonder as I watch the babies and toddlers enjoying the water. They explore and express themselves in different and often funny ways, showing what they do and don’t want to do.  Watching the bond between the adult and baby being enhanced through movement, holds and songs is a wonderful sight to be part of.  I also enjoy those moments where toddlers in particular, make their feelings known and any lesson plan is disregarded in favour of lots of jumping in!

Birthlight has had such a positive impact on my baby lessons and also in the other ages of swimming I teach.  I feel I am more careful to watch what a child is doing, to be mindful of each child’s uniqueness and teach with love and patience knowing that it will happen when it happens. The birthlight philosophy has also impacted on me as a mother in many ways.  One of Sally’s wisdoms the Ahh of delight, breathe in love and breathe out ....which I use daily in my house and it is sometimes more than 3 breaths!

I am truly grateful I was able to attend this course and have since been on the May 2015 toddler swimming course which was another amazing course with Shawn Tomlinson and when my children are a bit older I will look at the Baby Yoga. I am happy to be on the Birthlight path sharing spirals of joy!

Anna Wilson
Birthlight Baby Swimming teacher