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Baby swimming with Shawn in Norfolk - February 2014

This February saw birthlight running another baby swimming part 1 and 2, with participants joining us from the UK, USA, Ireland,  Sothern Europe and South America. It delights me no end, to hear their stories, on what led them to birthlight.

For some through the parent route, with the desire to know more about what we do in the water, the science behind the practices, and also the opportunity to extend their love of birthlight, through running their own classes. And others already working in the professional aquatic body, knowing that what birthlight brings to Infant Aquatics is truly unique.

This time, we also had swimming teachers, whose journey included being elite professional swimmers, competing in olympic games for their home country, who joined us to complete their part two, amongst running their swim schools and writting up case studies. And yes case studies, long and short questions, worksheets and observations etc, are all still very much part of who we are and what we offer,  one of the distict aspects of birthlight, as a teaching charitable trust.

What I love about birthlight is the equalising effect of the water, as in the natural aquatic environment, where for most of us, our buoyancy and balance will kick in, and in a sense bring us all into the same plain, so i find the same happening in the classroom, where we discuss, learn and practice the holds, moves and sequences.

Participants who come from the aquatic teaching environment, bring with them knowledge of strokes, the science and the theory, but have to at some point, relax and absorb the birthlight practices and Parents, in turn, who have swum with their babies, bring with them, a rich experience of water parenting, a fundamental birthlight concept, but have to in turn, take in and extend their theoretical knowledge.

And so we level out, with theory and practice, a considerable amount of both, from body balance, to holds and floats, to swimming with babies and having fun and being safe in the water. I am convinced, we have the best job in the world, and i love being part of this amazing community that is birthlight.

So if extending your knowledge through CPD's or further courses, including completing your part 2, if any of these were on your list of to do's for 2014, please check out what is available on find a training course.

We cant wait, to help you extend your love and knowledge of the wonderful world of birthlight baby and toddler swimming

blessings and love

birthlight Mama and swimming tutor

Inspired to train with us?  Shawn is running several more birthlight baby swimming courses in Norfolk this year - toddler swimming (April 14), swimming CPD (April 2014)baby swimming part 1 (Oct 2014) and baby swimming part 2 (Oct 14)