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Baby Yoga – WHY?

Hello, my name is Zoe Hart, I am 35, an only child and I live in West London.

From 1999 – 2009 I was an international hard house club DJ. I toured many countries, I sang, danced and played music in front of 1000’s of people, but I couldn’t keep it up, the parties merged together, the late nights were taking their toll on my health and mentally I was becoming increasingly negative and unaware of who I was.
I had done bits and pieces of yoga whilst I was travelling, Ashtanga in Thailand, Hatha in Australia and Bikram in the UK. It was at one of these classes that the penny dropped. I saw fantastic results in my flexibility and body shape, but the greatest gift was the mental and emotional shifts that occurred. I had the space to see who I was and realize that the life I was living was not serving me anymore and that this was the main crutch of my unhappiness.
I called to the universe for a life changing experience, and within a month I was pregnant with my daughter Florence. Only 6 months after she was born and I was pregnant with my son Joseph. I had no idea what I was doing as a mum, my thought process had only taken me up to the birth, the rest was a total mystery and not one thought had gone into the responsibilities and challenges that faced me now. Going from partying 5 nights a week, doing whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, to full time stay at home mum was a BIG change and I was becoming depressed and starting to feel trapped by my new life. I couldn’t live unhappy, I couldn’t hide under the sheets and just wait for a new day to start, after all I now had children to think about!
So I decided to return to the one thing that seemed able to help me in times of emotional and mental unease – Yoga.
I started training with Birthlight and my daughter and I had a wonderful time learning songs, stretching, breathing and relaxing. It gave me the head space to remember the joy of my baby, be present to her and learn that this little being had much to teach me, I wasn’t supposed to know it all already! We would learn and grow together.

Soon after my son was born I went back to Birthlight and completed my training with him. I learned the power of breathing and it is something that carries through to this day. Stop, take a few slow breaths and then work out what happens next, it’s always a much better choice!
Baby yoga has brought me new friends, it has connected me and my children in ways that has brought empathy, patience, love and understanding. The songs are fun and bring joy, the moves bring flexibility and release tension, the group environment brings friendship and support, and the most powerful of all is the relaxation at the end which helps remind me that it is soooo important not to stress out, as that is probably the biggest challenge that we face today. Stress is what causes dis-ease and who wants to pass that onto their children!

If you are interested in all things natural then I will be giving a free baby yoga demo on Tuesday 15th January 2013 (10.30am) at the north London meetup of The Arnica Group lead by Diana Rustam if you want to come along please contact her on the details below. The arnica group is a great way to meet other new mums looking beyond the NHS for solutions, support and advice.
SO here I am 5 years on since the birth of Florence and life is a very different place. I still have what i loved about the old life (music & DJing) but now have a greater sense of community and family to make it all the more fun. Thanks to yoga I know my head and my body much better, how to change my attitude, look honestly at my behavior and do what I need in order to be happy IE: go to bed early, leave the housework as I’m starting to feel resentful, ask for help! For me is not a religious thing per se, it’s more a personal tool to help me cope better with my life and remind me to choose what I can’t change and change what I can.
I hope you have found my story inspiring and I love meeting other mums (and dads) to share the ups and downs of life with and to support and encourage you in the hardest job of them all… Parenthood. I hope we will meet somewhere along the journey.

Zoe Hart



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The Arnica Group

Diana Rustam – North West London Arnica Meetup

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