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Baby Yogi ~ Toddler Yogi

After many years of teaching one to one pregnancy yoga, I decided to take my journey further and searched for a pregnancy course that would inspire me physically and spiritually. Birthlight certainly provided this for me and more. I was illuminated. Never been pregnant, I felt  uncomfortable with the thought of teaching, yet "The Red Tent" ( book) stirred my deep mothering and Birthlight confirmed this emotion within me. I know how to mother and I know how to BIRTH. I have this instinct within me. Loving  the primal energy of women sharing, supporting and nurturing, Birthlight teachings confirmed this. I was unleashed and this is my foundation of teaching Pre and Post Natal classes.

As a natural progression from my commitment to regular pre and post natal classes, I wanted to produce a range of clothing that reflected my teaching methods and that felt as wonderful as the positive energy that went into birthing the babies who would wear them. A range of clothing that felt so soft that the babies would enjoy wearing them and the mummies would love the feel of them and at the same time were easy to wash. These earth positive garments have been manufactured solely using renewable green energy from wind and solar power. The 'Baby Yogi and Toddler Yogi' range has been produced under Global Organic Textile Standard from 100% Indian Cotton.

Each baby garment has has a caption that is relevant to the babies journey and a story to tell:

  • "I'm a baby yogi and I love my tummy time"

  • "I'm a baby yogi and I love wagging my tail like a dog"

  • "I'm a baby yogi and I Love Stretching like a cat"

  • "I'm a baby yogi and I love being a happy baby"

The items can be purchased from the birthlight shop.

As our babies grow they become toddlers and their movements are as natural as a yogi. They become "Strong like a tree", "Roar like a lion" and "Leap as high as a frog" OM logos at the back.




Maxine Cohen
Birthlight Perinatal and Baby Yoga teacher

Baby Yogi and Toddler Yogi'