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Bangkok Kids Thailand

Bangkok KidsI have just returned from Thailand after teaching a birthlight Smart Toddler Swimming course to Chamanan Towattana (Anne) and Koshkorn Towattana (Rose) - The owners and teachers of ‘Bangkok Kids’ (an Education centre) where they teach mainly birthlight methods in birthlight baby Swimming, birthlight Smart Toddler swimming and birthlight Aqua yoga and soon to be teaching birthlight Yoga for Pregnancy and Baby yoga and massage classes – their teaching I found is truly birthlight and of a excellent standard…

Their Centre after only being open for 2 months is  already a great success with over 300 students and a waiting list of 700 people waiting for trial lessons - after  which 99% are booking up to have classes for -  a true indication of how well they are doing…

They are concentrating on getting the Thai parents to really ‘swim as one’ with their children.  I found it such a delight to see that the birthlight way of swimming is crossing continents and cultures, reaching the hearts of all parents as they learn how delight in their babies while water parenting in a most natural and fun way –which always works  - as the children feel relaxed and happy to explore the water which is how they learn to swim from an early age.

Bangkok Kids  centre is a  very high standard with a great amount of thought put into its design The pool  itself,  has an extra  attraction of having dugongs (Bangkok Kids Mascot) and turtle tile design swimming along and around the pool bottom for the children to enjoy. This inviting and friendly centre is, comfortable and safe for all members of the family – set out on four floors. In the centre they have a yoga studio, comfortable feeding area’s , A class room dedicated to learning English, a reception area with sofas hanging basket seats with plenty of  toys  and games for children to be occupied with  and a TV linked up to a camera so as other parent  can watch their  children swim while in reception area playing with a second child.

I have loved teaching there and soaking up the friendly and loving attitude to life of the Towattana Family and look forward to being there again soon.

Amanda Gawthrope

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