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Birthight Aqua Yoga CPD Review

It was an absolute pleasure to spend time with a group of talented, like-minded women on the Birthlight Aqua Yoga CPD at Swimworks last month. Birthlight courses and CPDs are always so refreshing to attend and what makes them special for me (besides the people) is the flexibility of the agenda. Rather than sticking rigidly to a set format, the content is discussed with the group and can be molded to encompass the needs of everyone on the day, making the course a perfect blend of theory, open discussion, and practice in the pool.  

As a group we agreed to focus on the following topics: the breath; making space for the baby; floats and walks; helping baby to turn, and new techniques for relaxation.  

Francoise reminded us that, “Yoga is the breath” and a more complete integration of the breath to aqua-natal yoga practices is called for: working with the water, not against it. Finding a natural breath and rhythm, to focus the mother to her navel and discover the gravity in her belly.

When it comes to the Birthing Breath, Francoise suggested we focus less on ‘doing’ and consider the concept of ‘un-doing.’ She said, “Birthing Breath is easy, you just have to let go!” By doing less, we allow the body to take care of itself. Expand the exhalation, relax, open and allow the womb to squeeze the baby out.

The message and common theme that ran through the day, for me, was one of simplicity. The concept of “doing less” made me examine my own teaching practice and consider if I over-complicate things.  Do I offer too much content and information to the ladies? Am I allowing them enough time and space to connect fully with their breath and find their own rhythm? During the discussion, and into the practical pool sessions, Francoise confirms my belief that everything can be effortless.

As a teacher of many Birthlight disciplines, what I love is the way each different practice compliments and combines with the next to provide a whole approach. No one thing stands alone; they merge and overlap to provide a complete approach to pregnancy, the postnatal period, and early motherhood.

Each time I attend a course or undertake a new training, I learn something astonishing about the female body. Birthlight is always at the forefront of the movement, ahead of the game in scientific research and knowledge. It rekindles my passion for teaching every time.

On the way home I thought about the hundreds of classes I have taught over the years, and also about the women who came along week after week, month after month. I honestly believe they kept coming back because of the approach that Birthlight adopts to aqua yoga. It is an honour to be part of every woman’s journey through pregnancy and into early motherhood. Aqua yoga is so rewarding to teach.

Alison Duff