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Birthing Your Placenta: the third stage of labour

From Sara Wickham website. Sara is a friend of Birthlight and it’s a pleasure to introduce this new edition of her Placenta book to Birthlight teachers and members. Sara has kindly sent us a review-prize copy. Anyone interested?

This is the fourth edition of a popular book co-authored by Nadine Edwards and Sara Wickham. It has been written to help parents, professionals and others to understand the process and the evidence relating to the birth of the placenta.It is available worldwide.

Have you ever thought about how the placenta is born? Did you know that there are actually three different approaches to the birth of the placenta within maternity care? Are you aware that research has shown significant advantages to the baby in taking a slower approach, however the placenta is born? Or that there is plenty of evidence to support a more natural approach for healthy women who would prefer that?

This book has been written to help women make decisions about the birth of their placenta. We examine the different options, detail the evidence relating to each and discuss the wider context in which these decisions are made. No matter what kind of birth you are hoping for, this book will help you understand the different options.

Dr Nadine Edwards and Dr Sara Wickham are world renowned and respected researchers and writers who have a long-standing interest in the birth of the placenta and the evidence relating to this. This is a completely revised and updated edition of their popular book on this topic.

If you would like to have reliable knowledge to answer parents’ questions about topics such as the possible benefits of placenta encapsulation, or whether unmedicated placental birth is worth asking for and supported by research evidence, go to for comprehensive, clear and accessible articles.

We have a copy of the book 'Birthing You Placenta: the third stage of labour' to give away in this month's competition.

To win the book, simply email your entry to [email protected] with the subject line "placenta competition" by 10 June 2019
(don't forget to include your name and address).