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Birthlight baby meets the Queen

My pregnancy journey started as a fantastic surprise last September. An obstetrician had told me some years ago that my chances of getting pregnant were remote. Aged 41, I had given up all hope of having a much longed for family.

I decided to try yoga for pregnancy and attended the Birthlight class at the Physic Centre in Girton, with Sally Lomas of Joyful Babies, from about 20 weeks onwards. It was a sanctuary from the business of work and the fatigue of pregnancy. To my surprise the session included not only yoga but a wealth of advice about how to manage the labour process, as well as practical tips on how to manage the many and varied impacts of pregnancy on the body.

I was lucky enough to negotiate access to the Rosie Birth Centre and I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl at 2.45am on 23rd May 2013. I attribute the fact that I walked away from the process injury free to the advice about pain management and positions for birth I learnt at the classes. Breathing techniques were key to pain control. I wanted to use the minimum of pain relief and managed to use a TENS machine for the majority of the 27 hour process. I moved into a birthing pool for the last 3 hours of labour and used gas and air for the last hour and a half. Breathing and knowing that the contractions, however painful, would only last 1 minute with a peak of pain for around 20 seconds helped me stay strong. Lifting my daughter from the water I fell instantly in love. Charlotte Rose weighed in at 8lb 3oz and is a constant delight.

Charlotte happened to be born at the Rosie Birth Centre on the day the Queen attended for the official opening.  We were lucky enough to be the family selected to meet her. So, after 27 hours of labour, 1.5 hours of sleep and 12 hours after giving birth I proudly presented my daughter to the Queen. Charlotte decided to welcome the Queen by exercising her lungs, to which the Queen commented that she seemed to have ‘a good pair’. It truly was the best day of my life and I look forward to telling Charlotte the tale of her first day in the future.

Pictures of the happy day