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Birthlight flourishing in China

Through the support of amazing and dedicated courses organisers, Birthlight is starting to flourish in many parts of China.

I am delighted to let you know that High-Five Parent-Child Swimming Club based in Taiyuan is now part of our Birthlight Certified Aquatic Centres Network.  Their baby swimming and aqua yoga teachers have been trained by birthlight and the centre is offering a special place for parents and babies to meet and swim together that exemplifies the Birthlight ethic.  In 2014, High-Five Club has also won 3 national awards in the educational sector and has a cooperative relationship with the sport universities. We look forward to train more students and implement new birthlight programmes related to the aquatic world together.  The dates for our next training courses with High–Five will be announced soon.

Early February, we also had our first and very successful perinatal yoga training course in Shanghai with Jane Collins as a tutor. The course organiser, Grace Zhou, was one of our fist Chinese students to become qualified in baby swimming and is now a great birthlight course organiser dedicated to spread the birthlight gentle approach to mother-to-be and newborn through our wide range of dry land courses.  The next courses planned with Grace are Fertility Yoga (14-15 April), Perinatal Yoga Part 1 (16-19 April) and Perinatal Yoga Part 2 (20-21 April 2015).

Baby Yoga Taiwan

One of our first course organisers in Asia was Judy Kou. Judy and her team have consistently organised birthlight courses in baby swimming and baby yoga in Taiwan since 2007 (the next baby yoga course is planned for June). Judy is also organising birthlight courses in Qing Dao in China with the help of one of our teachers, Sunny. The next training dates for Baby Swimming Level 1 (17-20 April) and Aqua Yoga Level 1 (21-24 April) with Shawn Tomlinson as the tutor. Judy Kou is also currently training to become a birthlight baby swimming tutor. The next courses planned for Taiwan are Baby Yoga Level 1 (7-9 June), Baby Yoga Level 2 (10-11 June) and Toddler Yoga (12-13 June).

Our first baby swimming and baby yoga training course in China was organised with the help of Jeannette Zhang, director at Eureka Kids. More training will be planned for this year (dates to follow).  

I would also like to take this opportunity to thanks all our courses organisers based in Asia:  the birthlight certified centre Bangkok Kids in Thailand, The Urban Ashram Manila Yoga Studios and Training School in the Philippines, Inspire Mum and Baby in Singapore, Gecko Yoga in Hong-Kong.

If you would like to get more information about organising birthlight training courses in your country or how to become a birthlight certified centre, please do not hesitate to contact me. Let’s spread together the Birthlight spiral of joy among all communities.

The first trainee to qualify as a Birthlight Baby Yoga teacher from the first Birthlight Baby Yoga training course held at Eureka Kids in Beijing, has recently opened a new yoga centre. Yuanna Wang has created a uniquely precious space at YOGA YOGA. The double name represents the mother and the baby, the family and the universal connection. The centre is fully equipped, with a carefully crafted design throughout, demonstrating how highly Yuanna values her families and the yoga legacy. On the wall she has penned an expression to sum up the atmosphere of her centre:
Hearts like clouds, leisurely floating
Thoughts like water, freely flowing
One of the Birthlight spirals of joy which began early in January 2013 bears fruit on the dawn of the Chinese New Year 2015. Congratulations on your beautiful YOGA YOGA centre, Yuanna, we look forward to working with you again.

Wishing you a very happy Chinese New Year,

Sylvie Russell.
Birthlight Teaching Director