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Birthlight in France - a real ray of sunshine

Birthlight teacher Perrine Alliod shares some reflections and feedback from the recent birthlight training in France.

The Birthlight spiral of joy and well-being moved in France.

Prenatal, postnatal, yoga classes, wellwoman, aqua yoga and baby yoga are more and more numerous. Paris, Rennes, Nantes, Biarritz, Lille... Birthlight gradually conquered the France and newly, the Belgium.

French people are more and more attracted to practice yoga and usually begin their first courses during pregnancy. Birthlight approach is particularly appropriate and complementary to the prenatal, postnatal and parental accompaniment proposed professional, maternity and structures in France.

They say “Yes” to Birthlight courses!

"Sweetness, respectful and friendly, a real ray of sunshine!”

"Listen, the availability, the respect of  choice concerning the birth. Each person is unique in the course, everyone goes there with their own aim to discover other perspectives.”

“It made me a lot of wellness to continue the sessions after the birth (not to stop quickly and not feel isolated) and also baby with portage, baby massage, baby yoga. It’s particularly complete. Teacher mothering the mother, the baby is relaxed and the father happy when he comes.”

"We found the place and the courses that they we need to become parents."

"A great global challenge. I’m midwife and I rediscovered my profession! “

"These courses are sources of sweetness, joy, well-being. Listen to teachers and the exchange are very appreciated by the future and new parents. Whether it's between women or couples. A true awareness”.

"A very good preparation at birth for a well understanding of childbirth, even for a second pregnancy."

"A lot of techniques very specific at the time of birth, and especially very valuable to be able to live the birth of her child. Feel the sensations. Be a mother"

“This moment of life inspires me to realize a project in preschool”

The future of Birthlight in France

Demand is growing. Stéphanie Launay Directrice of “La maison des anges” has already organized several training courses for yoga Birthlight teachers in France. Perinatal yoga, baby yoga and soon aqua yoga.

These first courses were a great success. Midwives, Yoga teachers, teachers and dance instructors have embarked on the adventure with energy and enthusiasm. Their aim, accompany with serenity, benevolence and blooming, pregnancy, birth and the arrival of baby. A point much appreciated by parents who feel finally supported the preconception until the child's 3 year. This need is really important in France.

We are proud to represent the work of the entire team of Birthlight and contribute to this beautiful spiral of joy created by Françoise Freedman.

The French network joins the international and grows thanks to wonderful people!

We are pleased to already have a large number of French parents and babies Birtlight yogi.

Thank you Birthlight for this beautiful gift.


Birthlight tutors Belinda Staplehurst and Marion O'Connor share their throughts on the training 'Birthlight spirit in the house of angels'