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Birthlight in Moscow - review of 2013

We'd like to share a review of birthlight training in Moscow in 2013 by Anna Shkulanova. Thanks Anna for a review that shows how intensely Birthlight has become involved with Russian teachers and new families through your indefatigable work as a Birthlight course organiser at the Brightfamily / Birthlight centre in the core of Moscow.


We are proud to announce the results of Birthlight trainings 2013  at the BrightFamily-Birthlight Centre, located in the heart of Moscow, at Staromonetny pereulok, near the Red Square.

It was really a very productive year, taking into account the fact that we made a goal long in advance  (after conversation with Françoise Freedman and Sylvie Russell here in Moscow on Oct 2012  about the necessity  and possibility to host some new courses being organizers in Moscow). It was a challenging task to organise the first course Birthlight Yoga for Maternity Professionals knowing some problems with the situation in Russia, the specific aspects of this sphere etc, to be pioneers in organizing the first course Swimming for babies and toddlers with special needs as there was a demand for swimming with these babies, but no place in Moscow to go and swim in a relaxed atmosphere .  We are happy to announce that we fulfilled all our plans.

Our Brightfamily/Birthlight centre hosted training in all 5 Birthlight spheres including the new courses as well as CPDs (courses of continuous development) in many areas . What were they?

March  Perinatal Yoga Part 1, Perinatal Yoga Part 2 with Jane Collins

March - Well Women Yoga  Part 1 and CPD on Perinatal topic with Françoise Freedman

May - Infant Aquatics Part 1, Aquanatal Yoga Part 1 with Amanda Gawthorpe

June -Baby Yoga Part 1, Baby Yoga Part 2, Toddler yoga with Liz Doherty

July - Postnatal Yoga, Well Woman Yoga Part 2, CPD (Fertility Yoga) with Françoise Freedman

September - Birthlight Yoga for Maternity Health Professionals Part 1 with Wendy Gadsden

October - Perinatal Yoga Part 1, Perinatal Yoga  Part 2 , CPD (Oxytocin) with Jane Collins

November - Infant Aquatics Part 1, Infant Aquatics Part 2, Toddler Swimming, Swimming for Babies with Special Needs, Aquanatal Yoga Part 2 and several master classes with Amanda Gawthrope

Hundreds of new instructors from various yoga trends, swimming schools, as well as other specialists & mums joined our big Birthlight family.  Our centre was happy to welcome already known here and beloved tutors Jane, Françoise, Amanda, Liz and Wendy  this year. Some of the participants even fell in love with our tutors and were very very touched by the atmosphere the tutors created during the training days. For many of the participants it became a new stage in their lives. Brightfamily/Birthlight centre in Moscow hosted students from various cities of Russia including Perm, Novosibirsk, Chelyabinsk, Cheboksary, Khabarovsk, Nizhny Novgorod, St Petersburg, Krasnodar, Samara, Tula, Yurga, Astrakhan, Yuzhno Sakhalinsk, Ekaterinburg, Kiev, Kharkov etc and are happy to start their practices now and share their knowledge with colleagues. Our centre was always happy to provide assistance on any issues, questions  raised by the participants from all over Russia.

We provided many practical classes, master classes where our foreign tutors were sharing their deep knowledge with the participants. These classes were open to everybody, thus more and more people from outside were getting involved into the training process. These practical classes became an essential part of our training process.

Many happy visiting parents with and without babies were waiting for being invited as models to any training course, and sometimes we had too many of them but this fact made our training  more valuable  - so many models, so many lively examples, so many ideas.

Now every client in the centre knows that we are hosting “Magic” Trainings and are asking to inform them about anything interesting. They are proud to come and enjoy their family time in our centre, they are happy to say Hello to our foreign tutors if they meet them at the reception. Thus more and more families are getting acquaintance with Birthlight and Birthlight practices  make their lives happier and colorful. Once people come to our centre they want to come again and again. The life in Brightfamily became brighter.

We are happy to see new and familiar faces next year in our Brightfamily centre at Birthlight trainings as we are sure the 2014 year will be also interesting and productive . We assure you that you will get real instruments for your work , you will discover something new for yourselves,  you will go home full of ideas to start practice,  and this will be a new starting point in your life, simply called Birthlight.


Anna and Birthlight team @Brightfamily, Moscow

Scheduled courses for 2014




Sharing some testimonials, feedback 2013

I enjoyed the course . everything is well worked out from the moment of introduction of the group . All the asked questions were answered with explanations . Jane remembered our specific interests and prepared materials taking these facts into account. As a whole the program of the course with coffee tea breaks is well organized . Jane is a super tutor!
Perinatal yoga , Moscow, March 2013 , Benicheva Olga

I had a chance to feel the Perinatal course in all its beauty , and feel it from top head  to my feet being pregnant at the moment .But I am sure that because of the well organized program , because of Jane’ s professionalism, and the whole warm birthlight atmosphere at the course , all the participants tried to feel this state of being pregnant (even give a birth) or had a chance to remember their own practice. I would like to add that after visiting many classes for pregnant women and trying different instructors, understood how the personality of an instructor (its character and feature of conducting a class ) is important . Visiting Jane’s class you can get not only theory and practice but you can learn to be an instructor whom the students love, trust and listen. Thanks Jane and all women for nuture and hospitality !
Perinatal Yoga, Moscow, Struts Alexandra

I am so happy that I attended the Postnatal Training course. In the evening coming home after training I felt myself full of power, energy and very inspired, as it was an exact place for me and exact and necessary time for me.  I was going to give birth to my baby and was ready to start my classes very soon afterwards. Information about great changes in the body of a women during pregnancy and birth was very important for me. I read lots of literature devoted to pregnancy , how to live this period, how to give birth without pain , how to nuture a baby  . But not enough information or very little about these changes in women’s body , and how to help new mum (new woman) to recover , as if as mum (after birth) exists only when we speak about breastfeeding . We got a real instrument for recovery after birth (not only information). How to work with alignment of the pelvis, how to get rid of back pain , to correct stomach muscles. And of course very essential information about mums’  nuture after birth beside all the physical aspects. Happy atmosphere should be an essential part of all the classes . Francoise  … whatever she tell about , even about some sad moments , her eyes are shiny, they always smile . I fell in love with her ! And looking forward meeting her again.
Postnatal yoga, Moscow, July 2013, Nadezhda Zorina

I am still under so big impression from Birthlight, how everything is worked out, well created , and simple for understanding . As for me I started a new life. Francoise – is  a GREAT WOMAN! I hesitated that I am not a very yoga person , I will face difficulties at the course – but her kind eyes  gave me energy, and her hints , support have me power exercises after exercise, I began to feel how it works … I saw that and made conclusions when we worked with  visiting mums and babies . Everything worked .Thanks to girls for understanding and support!
And  this is especially a poem  Francoise (created by me)
Your soul is handsome, and you are very mild,
Your talent is huge and your heart is kind …
And all your ideas and dreams are beautiful,
Your knowledge, your classes will be very useful.
You managed to a find a long way to meet us,
We wish you success, you are always in our hearts.
Postnatal Yoga Moscow , July 2013 , Natalya Smolygina

I  enjoyed nearly everything. I am thankful to Francoise for her idea to Treat a Woman like an unusual creature ,  saint and unique as it is . At the end of the course I had a vision of a beautiful flower ? it was an image of a woman. The course WellWoman with its’ mild approach towards women’s health can help a woman to wake up a real true Goddess inside , and every woman is really a Goddess  from birth. I liked the birthlight  approach which is very important her in Russia , where women vey often forget that they are women trying to do so much unnecessary things like men;s responsibilities, allow themselves  to live in stress. Now I will try to do my best to help all women become more happier , because then everybody who surround women will become also happier !I learnt a lot . New knowledge in anatomy including pelvic floor.New information about zero balance, postnatal poses.New idea for using dancing, adaptation of classical poses  for the purpose of women . I enjoyed work in pairs. The information about hormones was very useful. This is a good  start for further self work and study of the material Any personal comments: Thank you very much once again, dear Francoise! After the course my 4 year-old daughter is constantly saying: mama, I love you, I don't need anybody but you. It seems to me that I became softer, more loving, and my daughter feels it and always wants to be by my side! Thank you very much!
Well Woman Yoga, Moscow 2013, Natalia Nikolaeva

Would like to say thousands of warm words to Francoise . Thanks to your charm, kindness, wisdom. For your to desire to share knowledge with us. I am happy that I had a chance to study at this course , thanks to which I got understanding how practice of WellWoman can change the life of women in a better way. Thanks to organizers. Everything was fine.
Well Women Yoga, Moscow 2013, Irina Svirina

Well Woman Yoga course helped to collect my knowledge from Perinatal and Postnatal yoga courses into one beautiful picture like a mosaic. From that course I learnt and understood even more for myself than for classes. Although new ideas and thought for classes came to my head every day of the course, and to my mind my practice will change somehow. This course is wondrous, it is difficult to hold it in hands and at the same time it’s movable, it has a women nature, fluid as a woman itself. The course teaches to create with knowledge. Thank you for knowledge and understanding of who a woman is, yet to reveal and disclose.
Well Woman Yoga, Moscow 2013, Tanya Tsevtkova

…Everyone from the course left a special memory in my heart and knowledge. A very friendly atmosphere , mutual understanding between the tutor and the students erased the distance of thousands kilometers. We turned out to be in one family , moving one way.Wendy's course enlarged my understanding and feeling  of the labor circuit .I found answered on my personal question I faced during my work on birth preparation of women .I found new goals for myself after this course. Once again I had a chance to feel  myself in my own flow.

Now I can state that this course is useful not only for midwives , but also for perinatal instructors, to help understand them on a different level smth new and understand smth the future mum will face.
It was a surprise I saw the movement you showed to us at part 1 of perinatal course, but somehow erased from my memory , and practice.Now I can return them back to my practical work !Thanks to Wendy once again for her knowledge, her smile she shared with us all these 3 days!Thanks Francoise to you for your magnificent experience and the team of unique teachers you gathered around you . With best wishes to you
Birthlight Yoga for Maternity Health Professionals, Moscow, Sept 2013, Natalia Butolina