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Birthlight in Singapore

Hi everyone!
I’m Linda from Singapore and I have been the organiser for Birthlight for the past 10 years! I did my first training with Francoise, my dear mentor, for my prenatal and baby, toddler yoga and that was the best thing ever happened in my life. Started my journey with Birthlight and evolved to baby swimming, aqua natal, and so forth, it’s been a rich and meaningful learning and delivering birthlight’s philosophy to many of my students. I am honored to be invited by Sally to be added into the Birthlight newsletter. I’m a mother of 2 lovely kids. I remembered fondly having Francoise doing baby swimming for my son when he was just few months old and now he is 8 years old! My kids are big time water lovers. No Disneyland, fanciful theme parks but beaches and water. We love nature.
Tracing back, many great teachers I had learnt from in Birthlight: Emie, Shawn, Sally, Amanda, Jane and many more! What I like about this family? Our birthing philosophy.

  • We birthed great teachers to expand our visions internationally.
  • We birthed great knowledge to help to make birthing, postnatal and bonding with babies in delightful and nurturing way.
  • We birthed happy parents and babies.

There are many parents who need help in their journey. Being an instructor/ educator, our work don’t stay in the class. The impact is far more than that. I had seen my mothers having great birth, connecting with their babies, swimming with them, kissing them, the love that is so beautiful and unconditional. We are their supporters in their journey not the expert. No one is the expert except the parents themselves. So we empower them bringing up the full potential in them.
What I had experienced during my teaching journey? I’m always learning and to be willing to give. I strongly encourage Birthlight students to take CPD courses. It’s so useful to be constantly updated. Through the 11 years of my work, I have assisted many mothers in their childbirth journey, water birth preparation, postnatal therapy, babies and toddlers to swim, it’s always good to go back to basic. Recharge and move again. I did many other trainings before and Birthlight is one of the few who is the leader in getting the most updated information and not worried to amend and change their approach once they find a better method to working on their content.
Thank you Birthlight for having me in your family!

Linda Tan

What our Singapore Trainees say about Birthlight?

The Birthlight gentle approach meets my expectations and I love how we can introduce fun and safety in the water. Sally is amazing! We love the way she explains and sees everything and constantly reassure us. Linda is great and she puts in effort to make the class efficient and great!

The course go far beyond my expectations and it was so fun, relaxed and enjoyable.

Fortunate to have Sally as my mentor. She personifies Birthlight! Her empathy is amazing and her wisdom is inspiring. Her kindness and faith is the process of Birthlight!

Under Sally and Linda’s guidance helped me in my new journey and the atmosphere were supportive and positive. We learn new things together, share together, happy to be in the course!

Inspire Mum & Baby’s studio is very tidy and cosy. The pool area is very nice and the theory and practice are balanced. We have the best trainers and passionate of what they do. This training is a life changing experience.

Spent 8 days in Singapore for the baby and toddlers swimming, I acquired so much new and useful knowledge about baby and toddler swimming. Linda and Sally were very nice and I felt very welcomed and accommodated. Thank you for the experience and knowledge.

Sally and Linda helped me who is new to know what to expect in this industry and letting us understand there is no “one lesson plan” that fits all. They have great wealth of knowledge and willing to share their experience with us. I am really glad to have created so much wonderful memories, great friendships, all the fun and laughter going off topics!

I studied Birthlight baby swimming in China and I really like the Birthlight teaching methods and I’m glad to be here in Singapore to continue my learning.