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Birthlight Japan – Team Update

Birthlight Japan is forging forward in preparation for the arrival of Birthlight trainings in the Land of the Rising Sun. Please join me in offering a big, warm-hearted Birthlight welcome to our newest and highly valued members of the team -  Hiroe and Katsu.

Hiroe, who will be helping translate the manuals, booklets and resources necessary for the effective delivery of Birthlight trainings, hails from a Sivananda background in her yoga practice. And we are blessed to have a polyglot on our team. Speaking Japanese, Hindi and English, Hiroe has embraced the challenge of learning the philosophically literary language spoken by her mother –in-law, the language of Yoga – Sanskrit! Hiroe’s 5-month old son, Yuto, loves practicing Birthlight Baby Yoga with his Mummy and Daddy. The Flying Baby moves are his favourite, never failing to induce a fit of giggles to his cutely gorgeous face.

At the forefront of Birthlight Japan is Rumi, whom some of you might have had the pleasure to meet at Birthlight’s ‘Light on Parenting’ Conference. Without batting an eyelid, Rumi traveled 6,000 miles especially to attend the 2012 London event. During that trip I was honoured to have Rumi visit my Birthlight Perinatal Yoga classes, where she worked therapeutically on a one-to-one level. Using her gentle, yet profound communication techniques, she valued the needs of the mothers, both physically and emotionally. Gliding in a naturally spontaneous flow, Rumi worked in a way in which I assume she had drawn upon to support a Tsunami victim, when she guided a traumatized mother in finding the ‘present moment between the earth and water’. Rumi recounts this moving experience in ‘The Healing Power of Baby Yoga’.

Despite the personally challenging path which unfolded before Rumi, she walks it with courage and an open heart. Against difficult odds, Rumi has kept our dream of Birthlight Japan alive, and is putting the pieces in place to make it a realization.

Behind this good woman is a good man. May I take this opportunity to introduce Rumi's husband, Katsu, who is a firm advocate of Birthlight.
"Birthlight Japan would not be possible were it not for Katsu, he is my best supporter," says Rumi.

Katsu, a strong voice for the appreciation of the work of Birthlight, conducts the role of Birthlight Japan administrator.

Katsu, a buddhist monk, has practiced yoga and meditation since he was a student. His yoga background is Yoga therapy and Kaivalyadhama, India. He also meditates in traditional buddhism style, the meditation of mindfulness by Thick Nhat Hahn, and Vippasana Meditation.

Fukui, a rural, mountainous coastal region hugging the Sea of Japan, will host Birthlight Baby Yoga Diploma course followed by Birthlight Perinatal course. So open your diary, and make a date in 2016 for the Birthlight Japan training with a large side; a cultural experience of a lifetime.

Marion O'Connor