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Birthlight on tour in Barcelona

Birthlight On Tour continues to grow as we have just completed our first retreat- style training at Omshanti Yoga Studio just outside Barcelona, Spain. Omshanti is set amongst rolling green and gold fields and gave us the perfect backdrop to completely immerse in our training.  Sally Lomas taught Motherhood Yoga while Micha Merrick led morning yoga classes and Pregnancy and Herbal Thai Massage.  
This experience was profound for all who attended - please enjoy these student testimonials and I do hope we see you soon at one of our upcoming trainings.

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Barcelona, Spain    1 -  6 November 2017    More info and booking>

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Birthlight on Tour Barcelona 2016

What an incredible experience!! This Birthlight on tour encompassed so many different aspects of learning, sharing and bonding. Everyone of the ladies that came for this retreat, left with a promise to return and a yearning to learn more!

Sally is the perfect teacher, with her vast knowledge, experience and her creative presentation, in teaching pregnancy yoga, postnatal and baby yoga. each one of us left feeling that we could  go out and teach comfortably.

Om Shanti Yoga was the perfect choice for this retreat. Nestled away, in the hills of Granollers in Spain. This space offered a beautiful view of the city, in tranquil surroundings.

Each day began early, with self practice meditation, followed by a beautiful yoga practice taught by Misha to set the tone for the day.

Sally, made sure to divide the day teaching and allowing time for teaching practice, which was extremely useful. Each day ended beautifully, with women's circle, learning Thai Massage (taught by Misha) for pregnant women. A bonus, was, collecting fresh herbs from the field around, to learn how to use  them for belly massage post baby. Our teaching practice, was enriched by being able to 'practice teach',  everything we learnt  on pregnant women and baby/ mommy yoga to the women who very kindly took time to come out to the yoga center and participated.

The women's circle  as amazing, allowing  all the teachers and women to bond and feel unity.  We have taken away so much to share, with the women we come in connection with.

The entire retreat was so well, planned, so much information and knowledge was shared and presented, making sure the time throughout the day was well spent, allowing each one of us opportunities to experience and learn.

Cannot thank Katey enough, for all the details in planning the training,from booking, arrival, to departure was organized, accommodating everyone's individual needs.  I would be amiss not mentioning  the most delicious meals, freshly prepared by the caring chefs and kitchen staff. The entire staff at Om shanti, made sure our stay was comfortable.

Finally, a heartfelt THANKYOU, to Sally, Misha and Katey, this has been the most amazing and unique experience in so many ways, it wasn't just a  teacher training, it was a bonding and sisterhood for all of us that attended.

Each one of us left, with a beautiful space in our hearts.... feeling blessed gratitude for the opportunity🕉

Varsha Naik

Birthlight On Tour at OmShanti 2016

As a new mum and a teaching-novice I am very grateful that I attended Birthlight’s first residential retreat. It was a beautiful and enriching experience for many reasons.
Before motherhood I had worked long unhealthy hours in a stressful job. To keep up at work my mantra had always been far too anti-children and that’s unquestionably why the immense joy of having a child had thrown me so of course when it was time to go back to work. I felt so different inside and certainly happier but for some reason I felt I needed to be ‘the old me’ and so threw myself into a miserable cycle of hunting for jobs I didn’t want to do.
Despite not practising for far too long, yoga was something I’d turned to myself when I needed to rebalance and so it felt natural that I would take my baby to a yoga class for fun and to meet other mums. It took a few trials before I found one with enough sense of community and care - with Satvikananda in Chertsey, Surrey. She has a big heart and a passion for Birthlight. Once I’d heard of Birthlight it became a burning flame for me - an organisation that supports new mothers feeling all the mixed emotions and inexperience I was. It took me a while...perhaps too long to get the courage but during another depressing job application something clicked and I picked up the phone to Katey at Birthlight On Tour. I knew I’d done the right thing there and then as she was warm and welcoming and full of time and reassurance for me.
I wasn’t sure what to expect at teacher training but Birthlight’s ethos and the wonderful people the organisation attracts meant that I never once felt out of place. The group was large and experience varied but Sally, the courses tutor, had such a natural way to enable everyone to share our thoughts and build a feeling of togetherness - even when we had language barriers we still worked as a team delivering yoga classes to local Spanish mothers and babies. Through the amazing added extras of caring women’s circles and Thai massage from the expert Micha, not only did I learn about nurturing pregnant women with yoga, I was able to heal some of my own feelings left behind after giving birth.
OmShanti lends its self so well to what Sally and Birthlight offer on this retreat. Its low key but welcoming and their Yoga Shala has views of hills and trees that really inspired for the gentle and motivating morning yoga sessions. The class was truly international with Irish, Belgian, Spanish, French, Greek and even an American and a Honduran so birth-stories from around the world helped us feel more connected as women, as did the carefully structured rest-time which also allowed us to grow friendships and have fun while we picked wild herbs and used the on-site pool and sauna.
I cant recommend this experiences enough. Its inspired me in so many ways and most importantly as a mother. I didn't need to go back to ‘the old me’ -  I am the better me thanks to Birthlight On Tour and all the wonderful women I met - what's more - the course gave me enough confidence and skills to teach my first ever yoga class just one week later!

Yvonne Dawson