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Birthlight on tour in Japan

Birthlight On Tour has just returned from an amazing Motherhood Yoga Training in Fukui, Japan! Our local organizer and dear friend Rumi Kinoshita went above and beyond to make this training an incredible experience for everyone involved.   From the location to the freshly prepared lunches to the volunteers that joined us each day - Rumi left no detail to chance. The training took place in the beautiful Kanazu Forest of Creation -  the window of our training room looked out to the most awe-inspiring view. This training exceeded our expectations in every single way - our students were so engaged and listening to Motherhood Yoga taught in Japanese was an experience Sally and I will not soon forget! Our students for this course came from varied backgrounds - yoga teachers, midwives, doctors and mothers joined us and each took away something special to incorporate into their lives.  

Sally and I took advantage of our time in Japan - we spent the first three days exploring Tokyo, two days in the beautiful city of Kyoto and then we took the train to the training in Fukui.   The train through the Japanese countryside is something not to be missed!! Our hotel in Fukui was traditional Japanese-style with futon beds and the most amazing onsen (natural hot spring pools) which made the end to each night a relaxing experience!  We are planning dates in Japan for 2018 so stay tuned for more details.

Upcoming Birthlight On Tour dates include:

17 - 22 July

Sunshine House, Greece

Full retreat

More info and booking

20 - 26 August

S’era Vella, Mallorca

Full luxury retreat

More info and booking

27 Sep - 1 October

Copenhagen, Denmark


More info and booking

1 - 6 November

Barcelona, Spain

Full retreat

More info and booking

22 - 26 March

Brooklyn, NY   USA


More info and booking

We hope to see you soon and please reach out with any questions.   [email protected]

All my love,
Katey Wheelhouse


A little seed of Birthlight Japan was planted in me 6 years ago by Sally and Francoise when I first participated Birthlight training in Sydney.  It has been nurtured by what I observed, listened and integrated through my yoga practice, my days of life, and especially by the spiral of joy created by women and little ones in my pregnancy, postnatal and baby yoga classes.  I am delightful to see that Sally came to Japan at last to deliver Birthlight core essence which was a real light to all the trainees of the course.  It was a goal of my Birthlight journey for long time and now I realized that new story has just begun.  Thank you for your brilliant 5-day-course, Sally.  It was so simple but powerful message to Japan that Japanese mothering, meditation and education will become better. I appreciate our new friendship, Katey, we all loved your energy of brightness.   Rumi

I received many lovely feedbacks from the trainees, here are only some of them.

“I wake up early, clean the room, get ready for the day and it feels just great. My kids and family look so comfortable around me and I think my life has changed since Motherhood Yoga course. I now well understand the continuity through pre & postnatal as a midwife, which is great for my career.  Sally and what she told us were all so lovely.”
midwife, a mother of three, Takako

“Sally’s tutoring was just miracle. The course totally exceeded my expectation.  It was great that we had practice with visiting pregnant & postnatal women and babies.  Especially the yoga session we created in the group was a super learning experience for me.  I enjoyed everything in the course including lunch & tea, and paired Thai massage by Katey.”
nurse, a mother of two, Nana

“The course was nice blend of theory and practice. Through Sally’s real class and our practice sessions, I learned a lot by using both of my brain and body. It was such an experience immersed in love of motherhood. The friendship among the trainees will be one of my treasure in my life. 5 days are dreams and happiness.” 
swimming instructor, Sayaka