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Birthlight Perinatal ‘Funny’ Yoga Walks

We are planning a series of handouts on key birthlight practices which will be shared in the teachers resources. We will introduce a new update in each newsletter. if you have ideas or contributions please do let us know. The first is produced by Kirsteen and is on the famous birthlight 'funny' walks.

Birthlight 'funny' walks get the awareness down into the pelvis and the feet and can help stabilize the pelvis, strengthening and releasing the muscles and ligaments in and around the pelvis. During class funny walks can be used to move from mat to wall, or around the room to release or to counter pose another practice and to bring some fun and laughter. They have therapeutic benefits for many common symptoms of pregnancy. Some walks can translate easily into daily life to release tension after periods of sitting or standing at work or home, and some are very useful in the labour circuit. In late pregnancy it is useful to find rhythmic walking medleys that will help women find their own instinctive rhythmic movements in labour. Instinctive rhythmic dances will also be helpful for soothing mum and baby later, after birth.

  • Activate and stretch many muscle chains without strain
  • Release and undo areas of physical and mental tension, they can be a good counterpose to static standing or sitting asanas (or periods of sitting/standing in daily life)
  • Encourage equal function through both sides of the body
  • Place gentle repetitive lines of ‘challenge’ through all the fascia, helping fascia to respond to the changes in load bearing and the increasing stretch of the abdominal area
  • Stimulate the proprioceptive system in a gentle way- (balance and where the body is in space) facilitating adaptation to the slowly changing centre of gravity week by week during pregnancy, and a dramatically changed centre of gravity after birth
  • Create fun and humour for women in the yoga group which in turn releases physical and mental tension (and oxytocin), as well as enabling women to feel more part of a group thereby reducing feelings of isolation
  • Taking yoga off the mat in class suggests to women that walks can be easily integrated into everyday life, such as at home or at work so their benefits are felt more often and more deeply
  • Therapeutic ways of walking that may alleviate certain common pregnancy symptoms
  • Useful ways of moving around the yoga space that can then be intuitively chosen during labour
  • Some are especially useful in late pregnancy and the first stage of labour (labour circuit) for encouraging the baby into a good position and helping the baby to get deeper into the pelvis. Some are also useful releasing areas of tension between changes of position during labour and may help women to let go more deeply.

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