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Birthlight speaking at ICM Conference 2014

Once a pregnancy has been confirmed a woman wants to feel that she is looking after herself and her child safely, and Birthlight pregnancy yoga provides safe teaching. To gain accreditation from the RCM in the UK, 15 Elective Educational points from New Zealand Midwifery Council, and 18 MidPLUS points from the Australian college of Midwives Professional Development Committee reflects this safe commitment to Women and Midwifery.

I feel that the Birthlight Yoga for Maternity Professionals course should be incorporated into “compulsory education” for midwives and student midwives. It brings both the midwife and woman back into their bodies, balances, facilities and encourages the normal physiological and emotional factors that need to be in place to promote pregnancy, birth and well-being.

The reflections from the attendees in the four countries that at present this specific course is being offered (and in September 2013 in Russia) is that the course content can be used to offer new information and update skills on how to deal with the common complaints of pregnancy. This can be achieved both during an antenatal consultation, but also in Birthlight Yoga classes where the women are given on-going information on pregnancy and birth in an informative, fun and effective way. What the classes also provide is “Time” a precious commodity that is not always available.

Seeing the title for June 2014 International Confederation of Midwives Triennial Congress “Midwives: Improving Women’s Health Globally” it seemed so perfect for the ethos of Birthlight. The ICM is to improve maternal health and Birthlight is to support and strengthen women globally.

From a personal point of view, working with Maternity Professionals in different countries is always very informative, acknowledging professional boundaries. Each country has professional limitations, some more than others. Within Birthlight we look at micro movements, which are small adjustments that make a big difference By listening and valuing their knowledge and reflections, I am able make small adjustments to the course content to provide what is “acceptable” in their country.

Wendy Gadsden Midwife/Birthlight Tutor.