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Birthlight training in China

Early January Amanda and I were privileged to be invited by Jeannette Zhang and Gracie Qian to mainland China to deliver a week of Birthight training for their brand new Beijing Eureka Kids Ltd.  The deceptively dry and cold outdoors necessitated thermals underneath, hat, gloves and padded coat on top to enjoy a walk through the streets of Beijing and discover warm welcomes, ancient culture and the most delicious and expansive range of food I'’ve ever tasted. 

Not only are Jeannette and Gracie the perfect hosts, but my adorable Birthlight Baby Yoga students proved most hospitable and a great pleasure to work with, so generous in deed and in spirit. The course was rich in content as each student contributed ideas and knowledge from their own field of experience. Thanks to each of you for your kindness and generosity throughout my stay in Beijing.
The Birthlight Baby Yoga training was well received. The trainees reported that they found the Birthlight methods inspirational and are eager to introduce the beneficial Birthlight techniques and ethos to support their families in parenting their infants. The portal is up and running and I am hoping for supportive interaction as coursework is prepared, ideas are exchanged and the path is prepared for effective delivery of Birthlight courses.
As the Birthlight Baby Yoga course was drawing to a close, Amanda arrived to deliver all things Aquatic. Beijing Eureka Kids Ltd will shortly be celebrating the opening of their swimming pool, which will incorporate some of the ideas Amanda was able to suggest from her wealth of experience as a Birthlight Tutor specializing in Aqua Yoga and Aqua Baby.
Thanks to Jeannette and Gracie'’s generous arrangements, Amanda and I enjoyed a brilliant day of sightseeing. Apart from the obligatory market haggling for beautifully crafted souvenirs (my show of appreciation is in order here to thank Amanda as my right-hand advisor in successful bartering methods), we managed an enjoyably leisurely stroll around the voluminous grounds of the Forbidden City and the Temple of Heaven. The ancient historic buildings were magnificent, but the gathering of people was what impressed Amanda and me to the depth of our hearts. We became a part of a seemingly spontaneous meeting of men and women singing with gusto in heart warming acapella style; hundreds of elderly playing card games in cosy groups along the long walkways between temples, and couples volunteering to perform the fan dance of the lovers in front of appreciative crowds.
To borrow the words of (my student) Betty, the whole experience was perfect.

Jeannette and Gracie are very proud to launch Eureka Kids. Eureka Kids (Beijing) has 600 square meters of space with every detail designed to meet mother and baby's needs.  There are 2 purpose built baby/ toddler swimming pools, and 3 classrooms on the upper floor for Mum & baby yoga and other early-year activities. The launch of the center is in February 2013 - after Chinese New Year, and Eureka Kids is proud to start the very first Birthlight programme in China.

Our first training with Eureka Kids conforms to our ethical policy of non-exclusive training agreements abroad but our model also calls for designated representatives through whom exclusive contracts may have to be negotiated with certain institutions in their countries.
For more information about Birthlight in China, please visit the Chinese page.

Birthlight Training in China Jan 13

Feedback from the baby yoga course

“We hope to invite you back for more training as the students felt they have learnt something valuable and overturned their style beliefs in parenting. Very beneficial.” Jeannette

"Both the course and the teacher are perfect."Betty

"I like the birthlight way of supporting kids’ development instead of pushing them, which is new to Chinese teachers." Susan

"I like the Birthlight idea, and the happy atmosphere baby yoga  created" Yuanna