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Birthlight training in Russia - June13

I am on my journey home following my third visit to Moscow.  I was tutoring in baby yoga 1, baby yoga 2 and SMART yoga.  Initially the thought of eight consecutive days was daunting.  Thankfully I was familiar with the venue and was used to working with Anastasia, who translates for many of us when we work with Bright Family Moscow.

Baby yoga level 1 had 14 eager students.  There was the usual divide of yoga and none yoga practitioners in attendance. Everyone had something to offer to the training. Naturally the start of day one is an anxious time for all concerned. Keeping introductions as light hearted as possible and having a genuine interest in each person helped to set the tone for the next few days!  Remembering names is one of my greatest challenges. I try to keep something in my head regarding their personal life.  During the initial introduction to Birthlight I do stress the moves are simple yoga based moves, and we also want to make them fun for parents and babies. I hope this will help everyone to understand the level of our work from the very beginning.  Movement will always create a feeling of well being, so a few “mummy” based stretches to follow, will usually help everyone to relax.

The group settled well.  We had many laughs, plenty of discussion regarding dynamic versus none dynamic yoga during this postnatal period, discussion to reassure everyone this training will focus on baby and their individual development, parent baby interaction and postnatal healing for the parents. We had beautiful babies attending the training, who by just being there taught us all so much, and wonderful mothers and babies who came along to the allocated teaching sessions.  To these parents and babies I am eternally grateful.  I wish they could really understand how their attendance changes our three days teaching.  Always a positive on our course evaluations!

I acquired a few new ideas for my own classes.  One of the highlights for me is listening to and watching the students teach with their familiar Russian songs and rhymes.

The grouped “gelled” well from the very beginning. Supporting each other on their journey, and showing support and friendship to me as well as to each other. We introduced our first Russian male student on this training.  Which naturally adds to the group dynamics of any training.

Baby yoga 2 followed baby yoga 1.  Many of the students continued from part 1, and some returned from previous training’s.  How wonderful to catch up with those who returned.  Thank you for sharing your experience from your classes. It was a pleasure to award two of our members with their full Birthlight baby yoga diploma.  Congratulations Anna and Anastasia.

The next three days, was toddler training.  A number of brave hearts continued from baby yoga 1 and baby yoga 2.  We were joined by a few other students who had completed there baby yoga training previously. The wee babies who I met on my first visit to Russia, now wee toddlers, and the unborn babies during my last visit were now born.  As usual everyone was welcome and made my eight days in Moscow a true Birthlight experience.

Thank you to ALL the staff at this wonderful venue, for everything they do for us when we are in Moscow.  Thank you to all our wonderful Birthlight students for your attention and for your input to the trainings.

A very special thank you to Anna for her amazing organisation, not just for the trainings, but all the extras she does to make our journey to Moscow and our time in Moscow a relaxed and enjoyable experience. Thank you to Anastasia, who goes far beyond the call of duty, during our working hours, and during our ‘out of work’ time.

I shall see you all in March.

Liz Doherty