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Birthlight Water Parenting - Kali

We started baby swimming with Birthlight trained teacher Peter Abu-Jabir of Nanukswim when Kali was 6 weeks old, it was a snowy Winter’s day and I wondered if I was mad to hike across London by bus and train to get to the class. Once there though, there was no looking back and Kali had the great fortune to stay in Peter’s classes until she was 4 and half. I have so many happy memories of this time with her in the water. The independence and confidence in water that she developed so early on mean that she is very much a water person to this day. Watching her in the local pools’ classes in Portugal at 5 and 6 years, what struck me was that her position in the water along with the confidence meant that all the strokes worked quite effortlessly for her. This early positioning and movement in water from the Birthlight practices means that now at eight she is a happy swimmer in the school team and an enthusiastic participant at the surf club. Thank you Peter and Françoise!

Kirsteen Ruffell
Birthlight Perinatal and Baby Yoga Tutor


"Be inspired by these parents and babies as they spend beautiful moments in water together nurturing their bond and supporting each baby's development at a pace right for them. This DVD evoked many happy memories of Birthlight baby swimming classes that I and my partner attended with our daughter from 6 weeks old. From the beginning this philosophy of being with babies and toddlers in water builds both our baby's confidence in water and our own in handling them. It also lays the foundations for the strokes and skills that will eventually make them independent swimmers. This DVD gives parents a very good idea of what to look for in a class in water for their baby. This approach was why I, as a Birthlight teacher on dry land, travelled far from my local pool each week to find this nurturing quality underlined by deep understanding of baby development that comes from many years of observation, research and refinement. The film will give you ideas about how to support, relax and share mutual enjoyment in water with your baby. Watching with me, my daughter, now 8yrs and a happy proficient swimmer, immediately wanted to get to a pool to re-experience the holds and movements, this time with her doll and being the teacher!"     
Kirsteen Ruffell

Birthlight has reissued an instructional video for parents, supporting them with a gentle approach to helping their babies learn to swim. Birthlight Water Parenting is suitable for guiding both newborns and toddlers.. The key theme of learning through loving interaction is demonstrated via moves ranging from easy holds to more dynamic techniques that everyone can master.

1 hour 26 minutes  - 9 chapters covering Water Parenting with Babies and Toddlers from 2 months to 48 months, including special babies and toddlers.

The DVD is available to purchase from the birthlight online shop at a cost of £19.99. UK Shipping is included. Additional charge for EU or Worldwide.

The instructional video (1 hour 26 minutes) is also available to purchase from Vimeo at a cost of £19.99.  Stream or download any time, watch on iOS, Apple TV, Roku, and Chromecast.

The DVD is also now available at Social Baby.

For your chance to win the DVD simply email your entry to  [email protected] with the subject line "Water Parenting DVD competition" by 4 April 2017 (don't forget to include your name and address).  Good Luck!

"I was keen to watch this as already we go to baby swimming lessons every week. I wanted to see a fuller picture of how to develop a baby through to toddlerhood. My son loves the water but we don’t get much chance to practice other than in the lesson. It’s a good video and a useful tool for a parent who wants to try a bit more with their kids safely."
Tejal, 32 London – Mother of a one year old

"What a lovely DVD. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the simple cover but it is nice and easy to understand. We do already go to lessons but it’s mostly my husband in the water so I feel more aware of the ways to enjoy connecting in water now I’ve watched it."
Laura – Leicestershire – Mother of a one year old