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Birthlight yoga diploma for maternity professionals. Australasia 2013

April 2013 was an exciting month for Birthlight in the Antipodes. The Diploma was offered for the fifth year in New Zealand accredited15 Elective Educational points by the Midwifery Council of New Zealand. Following allocation of 18 MidPLUS points from the Australian College of Midwives the first Birthlight Yoga Diploma for Maternity Professionals was offered in both Sydney and Melbourne, Australia.

The course is Midwifery orientated; aiming to improve a woman’s awareness of pregnancy, and offer satisfaction with their own experience of labour and birth. Once a pregnancy has been confirmed a woman wants to feel that she is looking after herself and her child safely, and this course reflects safe teaching. The Australian Midwives recognised that for the course to have been allocated 18 MidPLUS points was a great accolade to the professionalism of the course.

Working with Julia Gibson and Helen Macnair, two experienced Birthlight Yoga teachers, was an important part of the training in Sydney. The attendees including me, gained extra knowledge that the yoga teachers could bring to the course, in particular the breathing techniques and some useful fine tuning on postures.

The attendees were very enthusiastic and keen to take the work of Birthlight into their work places, and to extend their own practice.

The reflection from the Auckland, Sydney and Melbourne attendees were that the course content could be used to offer new information on how to deal with the common complaints of pregnancy both in the antenatal consultation, but also in Birthlight Yoga classes where the women are given on-going information on pregnancy and birth in an informative, fun and effective way.

There is the need for more time to discuss the breathing techniques, in particular exhale breathing.

Other recommendations from the attendees was for a pregnancy class to be videoed, and for the classic poses to be in the manual step by step in pictures. Both these issues could be rectified by including within the course price the DVD “Pregnancy Flow”

From a personal point of view, working with Maternity Professionals in different countries is always very informative, acknowledging professional boundaries. Listening and valuing their knowledge and reflections, the content of the course is continuously evolving. I’m looking forward to the prospect of offering Level 2 to complete the Diploma in April 2014 in Australasia. Level 1 and further CPDs will be included in April 2014 course dates.

Wendy Gadsden Midwife/Birthlight Tutor.