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Birthlight yoga for maternity

As many of you reading this will already be aware, pregnancy yoga is a wonderful way for women to learn adapted yoga poses, breathing and relaxation techniques that will help them physically, mentally and emotionally during  their pregnancy, labour, birth  and beyond. Over the last 18 years as a midwife, of all the things that I have done and all the areas and countries I have worked in, teaching pregnancy yoga is the most satisfying thing that I feel lucky enough to do. Birthlight run a unique course specifically designed for midwives and other maternity professionals that have an interest in and some experience of yoga.

The Birthlight Yoga for Maternity course is designed around the existing knowledge and skills of a midwife which Birthlight knows from experience can be very different from those of an experienced yoga teacher looking to specialise in pregnancy yoga. Even though the end goal of teaching wonderful and safe pregnancy yoga classes maybe the same, the learning and the journey can be quite different.

Over the last six years ago I have had the privilege of supporting and learning from Wendy Gadsden an experienced Birthlight tutor and midwife of more than 30 years in teaching the maternity professionals course together each year in London.  We have shared our passion and knowledge of yoga and our combined 50years+ experience as midwives.  Prior to this, I also had the pleasure of working alongside Wendy for 3 years in New Zealand where we worked together as community midwives.

The most recent Maternity Professionals course (Part 1) was in held in London in June and ran over 3 days. Sadly, due to ill health, Wendy was unable to join us but we were fortunate enough to be joined by Kirsteen Ruffell, another very experienced Birthlight tutor. The students on the course came from a variety of backgrounds such as midwives, doulas and antenatal educators. Some of the students had already completed other Birthlight courses such as baby yoga and aqua yoga and are already teaching such classes. With such a breadth of backgrounds and experience the students brought their own wealth of knowledge and insights to the course that illustrated their readiness for teaching the beautiful art of pregnancy yoga. The students are now off on their own journeys’ in consolidating all the information from Part 1 by completing the coursework which involves observing pregnancy yoga classes and then teaching their own classes which are either group classes or one to one sessions or mixture of both. We will come together again in Part 2 next year for two days to complete the course.

The photos here hopefully show the fun we had during Part 1 in and amongst the intensive learning that took place.

On previous courses we have also had obstetricians, obstetric physiotherapists, osteopaths and maternity support workers

Any maternity professionals interested in pregnancy yoga –  to either teach classes or just simply using this extra knowledge to weave into and add a new holistic dimension to their existing practice can read more information on the course content on the website. Contact Birthlight or Alison directly for more information on the course.

Our next Birthlight Yoga for Maternity courses are:

Baby Yoga

Birthlight Yoga for Maternity - Level 2
10-11 June 2017
Venue: Synchronicity Studios, London, UK

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Baby Yoga

Birthlight Yoga for Maternity - Level 1
13-15 June 2017
Venue: Synchronicity Studios, London, UK

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Alison Fiddler
Birthlight Yoga for Maternity Tutor