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Birthlight news : Baby Swimming

International Swim Schools Spectacular 2020

It was perfect timing this January to be tutoring baby swim courses for Birthlight in Singapore. Australian swim had organised their conference in this amazing city and I have had the pleasure of attending and catching up with old friends and making new contacts.

16 Jan 2020

Baby swimming - 5 reasons to train with Birthlight

Are you thinking about training to be a Baby Swimming instructor or sending staff from your swim school to upgrade skills? Here are 5 reasons why you should go to Birthlight

09 Dec 2019

Aquatic Nurture healing

Over the past couple of months I have been working with families with newborns using Aquatic Nurture with results I couldn’t have predicted.

30 May 2019

Intuitive and improvised aquatic dance

Parents have this gift to naturally touch, connect, communicate and meet the needs of their child when they take the time to sit down for a moment, let go and recognize the innate skills of their baby.

22 May 2019

Aquatic nurture - wonderful dialogues

I experienced that both mothers gained a lot more safety in handling their baby during bathing. The mothers observe their babies and learn to read their cues. I could observe wonderful dialogues.

21 May 2019

Light in Water Conference 2019

The second International 'Light in Water' conference will be held in Qingdao, China on 18-20 March 2019.

18 Jan 2019

Elective Submersions

What we do in the water matters. Let’s help foster Magic Moments in the water, making positive memories for our wonderful families.

16 Jan 2019

Aquatic Nurture for Newborns: a new Birthlight aquatic short course

Aquatic Nurture provides the missing bridge between Aquanatal Yoga and Baby Swimming classes. As befits the ‘Fourth Trimester’, the first twelve weeks after birth, the focus is on Nurture, welcoming and cherishing the newborn in the world as a smooth transition from the womb’s fluid environment to gentle immersion in warm water.

20 Nov 2018

Baby swim photoshoots

Often underwater photoshoots are arranged in response to pressure from parents, but parents welcome new evidence that supports best practice.  Repeat submersions may soon be a thing of the past. The loss of spectacular underwater baby photographs and the short-term profit loss from underwater shoots are more than compensated with the confidence that we are doing the right thing and setting secure foundations for babies’ long-term happy swimming.

18 Aug 2018

Birthlight: Unique Special Baby & Toddler Swim Course

So many swim teachers say that they have the ‘best job in the world’. Our Birthlight Special Baby and Toddler Course can further deepen your teaching skills and make your chosen career all the more rewarding. Working with children with disabilities will challenge and enliven your aquatic practice as it extends and strengthens your teaching, plus benefiting your standard classes as well.

04 Aug 2018

Water Parenting Vimeo postcards

The Water Parenting film is available on Vimeo only; if you would like some postcards to distribute around you or to hand out at your baby swimming classes, let us know!

17 Apr 2018

Introducing new babies to water: the risks of chlorinated swimming pools and the benefits of home tubs

Unless the social draw of the pool proves irresistible and the teacher’s skills make the experience so worthwhile, why not consider a home tub?

22 Mar 2018

My relationship with water

Swimming is a life skill that gently expands your boundaries. I love to swim and have done all my life. We all swim before we could walk or breath, in the womb. I am drawn to water by the passion of our predecessors. I like to dip my toe into an alien ocean and tackle distances far beyond my longest pool laps.

27 Feb 2018

Birthlight Water Parenting video

As the way to watch a movie has evolved in the recent years and is mainly an on demand service, so is the birthlight Water Parenting film! It is now only available online.

22 Feb 2018

Birthlight baby swimming holds CPD

Nicole Sauseng reviews a CPD on Birthlight swimming holds.

04 Feb 2018

Amanda Gawthrope, new beginnings ...

I have had the privilege to work with Birthlight for over 25 years! Never losing sight of my passion to play and relax in water and to help translate the teachings of Birthlight into fun loving practical movements in water, creating a lifelong affinity for this special and powerful environment.

09 Jan 2018

Launch of Water Parenting DVD – 2017 release

This 2017 new release of our Water Parenting DVD is a step-by-step film illustrating the joy of swimming and water from newborns to toddlers. It presents a complete set of interactive playful aquatic practices for parents to support their babies all the way to independent swimming.

02 Dec 2017

Hello new life - teaching aquanatal yoga

Ten years ago my life changed when, pregnant with my second child, I attended Aquanatal yoga classes.

24 Sep 2017

Baby swimming's myriad of benefits

Baby swimming is one of the most fun activities parents can do with their babies, not just because it boosts water confidence in a playful interactive way but because of the myriad of benefits of moving in water for babies’ neurological development.

18 Sep 2017

Press release: Baby swimming experts warn parents about the hidden risks of floating neck rings for babies

Two of the UK’s major bodies involved in baby swimming teaching, STA and Birthlight, are urging parents to seriously think about the potential dangers.

05 Apr 2017

Reviewing the risks of floating neck rings and why water safety is best based on communication

Two articles where we hope to show that there is a better way.

27 Mar 2017

Crazy Aunty Shawn is swimming for Jay

Shawn committed to cold water swimming last year through Autumn, winter and now Spring to raise money in support of her nephew Jay who is undergoing treatment for a brain tumour.

24 Mar 2017

Birthlight Water Parenting - Kali

The independence and confidence in water that she developed so early on mean that she is very much a water person to this day.

18 Mar 2017

“Water Wobbles” unpacked

The recent emergence of the “Water Wobbles’ as a major concern in some baby swim schools and a topic of discussion in blogs related to baby swimming calls for a clarification of the concept. What exactly do the “Water Wobbles” stand for?

27 Feb 2017

Special and additional needs swimming

In Birthlight we are honoured to tutor Infant Aquatics for children with Special and Additional needs.

18 Jan 2017

Birthlight water parenting resources

Birthlight water parenting is an unique method, involving gentle techniques, which enhance body posture, breath awareness and mindful swimming with babies. We have a DVD and baby song book to help learning through loving interaction.

09 Jan 2017

International mother-baby development congress in Beijing

Françoise Freedman was a speaker at the Seventh Mother Baby Development Congress in Beijing. She presented Birthlight's baby swimming programme, that is currently applied in 20 schools in Beijing and growing.

21 Nov 2016

Tutor training for the Level 3 Diploma in Aquatic Teaching – Baby and Pre-School

During October, STA delivered the first standardisation tutor training for the Level 3 Diploma in Aquatic Teaching – Baby and Pre-School. A select group of tutors from STA and Birthlight were taken through course content, resources and delivery expectations to ensure all the required content is covered to the necessary standard.

07 Nov 2016

Shawn Tomlinson at the STA Conference 2016

Shawn Tomlinson was invited to attend this years’ annual STA conference as a guest speaker in her capacity as a Birthlight Aquatics Tutor. Shawn spoke passionately about the Birthlight holistic approach to Baby Swimming.

16 Oct 2016

Birthlight Water Parenting Video

Birthlight Water Parenting is an unique method, involving gentle techniques, which enhance body posture, breath awareness and mindful swimming with babies. The video is now available as on demand download.

08 Oct 2016

Shawn Tomlinson speaking at STA Conference 2016

Shawn Tomlinson, Birthlight Aquatic Tutor and Neuro Developmental Delay Therapist, will be speaking at the STA Conference 2016.

01 Sep 2016

New Birthlight Baby Swimming Song Book and CD

Following the success of the Baby Yoga Song Book, Birthlight has gathered the most popular water-themed melodies and rhymes enjoyed in Birthlight baby and toddler swimming classes over many years.

24 Aug 2016

Birthlight special swimmers

Louis Rolfe was a little boy with Cerebral Palsy and now is a young man that has became world champion in Para-cycling

06 Jun 2016

Communication, not conditioning, best promotes infants’ water safety

Water safety is best based on communication, not on conditioning. We would not have it any other way.

15 May 2016

A tutor's delight

Being part of the process involved in birthlight Baby swimming teacher training is a privilege. I have the opportunity to meet so many interesting and gifted people.

22 Mar 2016

Petition for PAS 520 successful outcome

BSI (British Standards for Industry group) have agreed to reconvene the steering group for PAS 520 in order to review the list of amendments provided by the Swimming Teachers Association (STA).

06 Feb 2016

Baby swimming with birthlight

Birthlight has had such a positive impact on my baby lessons and also in the other ages of swimming I teach.

14 Nov 2015

Birthlight Infant Aquatics and Aquanatal yoga in Japan

It was such a joy, to be able to join with existing birthlight teachers from Taiwan and new teachers from Japan, in the first Baby swimming and Aquanatal yoga course in Karuizawa, Japan.

13 Oct 2015

Therapeutic swimming with children

Six months ago I decided to implement a soft approach and Birthlight techniques in therapeutic swimming for children with cerebral palsy. This category of children needs swimming more then others, because water blocks pain that can occur while a child makes passive and active exercises.

11 Aug 2015

2nd Austrian Baby Swimming conference

It was with great delight that Birthlight accepted the invitation from the Chairwoman of ABA Marion Falzeder to present at the 2nd Austrian baby swimming conference.

20 Apr 2015

Birthlight international water conference 2016

This third Birthlight international conference 'Light in water' will be held in Cambridge 22-23 September 2016

19 Feb 2015

Wonderful birthlight baby swimming

I have watched my little girl develop from a tiny baby who could not hold her head up and was very slippery in the water to a toddler who is not phased by going under the water.

16 Jan 2015

We went Czech!

It was with great pleasure that we attended the Infant Aquatic conference held in Třinec, in the Far Eastern corner of the Czech Republic, between the 3-5th October 2014, as Birthlight representatives and conference lecturer.

07 Oct 2014

Infant Aquatics: Birthlight new DVD filmed in Moscow August 2014

Our long standing idea of filming our new DVD in Moscow took a concrete form last August with the opportunity to work with the skillful and dedicated production wife-husband team of Olga and Victor.

16 Sep 2014

Baby swimming with Shawn in Norfolk - February 2014

This February saw birthlight running another baby swimming part 1 and 2, with participants joining us from the UK, USA, Ireland, Sothern Europe and South America. It delights me no end, to hear their stories, on what led them to birthlight.

05 Mar 2014

An orphanage experience - water therapy in China

Francoise asked me to share about my experience of going to my daughter, Amy-Li's, orphanage to introduce the concept of using water as therapy.

25 Nov 2013

Baby / pre-school swimming - a super activity

Parents have so much choice when it comes to activities and socialising with their baby, from massage, yoga, music, signing and sensory development classes, to name but a few.

17 Jun 2013

Shawn Tomlinson returns to tutoring

This Spring has seen our youngest finally fully attached to us, fully integrated into our family DNA and relaxed enough to allow me to return to one of my greatest passions, which is tutoring Aquatic courses for Birthlight.

03 May 2013

My baby swimming journey - Francoise Freedman

My baby-swimming journey (interwoven with all the Birthlight Aquatic tutors and teachers as well as with my children and many dear parents and babies).

19 Apr 2013

Bangkok Kids Thailand

Report from Amanda Gawthrope on her recent trip to Thailand to teach a birthlight SMART Toddler Swimming course at Bangkok Kids

22 Aug 2012