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Birthlight news : Baby Yoga

New Combined Baby Massage and Baby Yoga course

We are pleased to announce that our new 4-day intensive integrated training course, Combined Baby Massage and Baby Yoga, will be launched in June 2020 in Bristol. It blends Nurturing Baby Massage, Baby Yoga and Interactive Yoga with babies for parent or carers.

16 Feb 2020

Special baby yoga - a family case study

Birthlight teacher Jessica Healy shares a case study with us of her experiences with special baby yoga - 'Henry, Percy, Carly and Harry - A family case study using Birthlight yoga'

10 Jul 2019

AMURTEL Greece baby massage training

The best infant massage training ever! Each mother or leader at this Amurtel pioneering training will pass on skills to many others in a grassroots initiative.

20 May 2019

Audit measuring the effectiveness of baby massage and yoga classes

A study at the Royal London Hospital suggested significant reductions in patients and caregivers stress levels when comparing mood pre and post baby massage and yoga sessions.

18 Nov 2018

Special Baby Yoga Project launched in Moscow

A Russian paediatric doctor has left her job to support babies with specific needs using Birthlight Baby Yoga practices. Oxana Tsyshkova, one of our Moscow-based baby yoga teachers, has set up a project for babies who were born prematurely.

20 Jun 2018

My thoughts on a conference about babies and the things I learnt at Birthlight

Last month I had the opportunity of attending an International Conference that happens annually in Canela, Rio Grande do Sul state here in Brazil.

12 Jun 2018

Promoting the birthlight methods in Brazil

Last month I was happily surprised to be contacted by a local TV channel (SBT RS) here in southern Brazil in order to be interviewed about my baby massage classes.

19 Apr 2018

Birthlight nurturing baby massage handbook

Birthlight are really pleased to launch a new handbook 'Nurturing baby massage for home use'. The handbook is designed to accompany attendance at a nurturing baby massage course with a Birthlight trained instructor.

25 Oct 2017

5 reasons to massage your baby

Baby massage is increasingly becoming a popular activity for new parents to undertake in the early weeks of caring for infants. Why is baby massage so helpful?

20 Jan 2017

Toddler yoga with Birthlight - Rachel Jones

Having completed the Toddler SMART course, this gave me the confidence to embrace and make space for the older children (with great understanding from the mums who do not have an extra child attending!) to come along to the class and experience some Yoga for themselves.

24 Sep 2016

The School of Babywearing

The School of Babywearing offers accredited qualifications in Babywearing. Birthlight teachers are able to receive a discount on their courses.

05 Jun 2016

Birthlight nurture and infant massage oils

We review current research and guidelines on the use of oils during baby massage.

29 Apr 2016

A tribute to retiring birthlight tutor Liz Doherty

A huge thank you, dear Liz, for all the different ways in which you have contributed to and enriched Birthlight as a collective.

27 Apr 2016

Baby Yogi ~ Toddler Yogi

I wanted to produce a range of clothing that reflected my teaching methods and that felt as wonderful as the positive energy that went into birthing the babies who would wear them.

15 Nov 2015

What your baby sees in you - the look of love

Many people seem surprised to find how aware newborn babies can be. A healthy newborn can look as if he or she sees right into you.

16 Oct 2015

Unforgettable turning point

My time spent with the women of Birthlight this summer, was an unforgettable turning point in my own walk as a woman.

22 Sep 2015

Why mama and baby yoga? my experience

Baba yoga is awesome – Rio and I eased our way into yoga via baby massage. Our weekly class was a special time set-aside just for the two of us, away from daily chores of being a new mama.

16 Sep 2015

Carrying your baby in a sling

Humans are primates. Primates carry their young with them at all times - they do not leave them in a nest or a burrow. In fact, British anthropologist Timothy Taylor explains that slings were invented over 2 million years ago.

15 Sep 2015

Farewell to Taipei

It was with a very heavy heart I said my farewell for the last time to Taipei, and the wonderful Birthlight team who give of themselves so freely to Birthlight tutors who have the privilege to work there.

24 Jul 2015

Birthlight nurturing baby massage accredited with RCM

An awesome spiral of joy has recently engulfed the tutors and staff involved with Birthlight Nurturing Baby Massage training, as we received confirmation, the training has been accredited by the Royal College of Midwives (RCM).

12 Jun 2015

Dads massage - Expanding spirals of joy

We all know how wonderful it is to share in the journeys of new parents as they attend our classes. To watch them arrive in week one, nervous, unsure of what the class entails, sometimes still unsure of their parenting, of this new development phase their baby is going through, excited, tired, learning.

10 Jun 2015

Disturbing video on facebook is not 'baby yoga'

This is an unacceptable stretching of the term ‘Baby Yoga’ and no one associated with Birthlight can endorse this justification by Facebook. It is time to protest on behalf of the babies out there.

05 Jun 2015

Babywearing and how it links to yoga

As Birthlight teachers and School of Babywearing tutors, Victoria Ward and Fiona Ashman are convinced of the links between yoga and babywearing.

11 May 2015

Nurturing baby massage

This is a training Birthlight offers to those who are interested in supporting postnatal parents and their newborn infants.

21 Apr 2015

Yoga with young children

I am often asked how we can return to our yoga practice whilst looking after small children.

19 Apr 2015

How we include babies with special needs into our baby yoga classes

Course which will give teachers some tools to help work with these special babies and their parents/carers. In this one day session we will discuss babies with Downs’ Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and Reflux.

15 Jan 2015

Baby Yoga song book and CD reviewed

The Birthlight baby yoga song book and CD were reviewed in the Winter 2014 issue of Juno magazine.

02 Dec 2014

Birthlight supports local community project Embrace

Birthlight is very happy to support the local community project 'Embrace' extend their provision of baby yoga to include toddler yoga

27 Nov 2014

Nurturing baby massage - tutors course

Liz Doherty had offered to do the Nurturing Baby Massage course for the tutors during last year’s Tutors meeting, and this materialised into a fun and informative weekend staying at Shawn’s farmhouse 7/8th June 2014.

11 Jun 2014

Бейби Йога Birthlight

Франсуаза Фридмен входит в пятерку экспертов по раннему развитию. Новый проект и много полезной информации

01 Jun 2013

Baby Yoga – WHY?

Baby yoga has brought me new friends, it has connected me and my children in ways that has brought empathy, patience, love and understanding.

11 Dec 2012

Tammi-lee's 'outstanding' baby yoga class

Tammi-lee Fazldeen's baby yoga class held at a children's centre has recently been given high praise by the OFSTED inspector (contributed towards 'Outstanding' in Health category)

25 Nov 2012

New Baby Yoga Level 3 course

We're really pleased to offer a new Level 3 course in Baby Yoga. The first course, which will be run by Francoise Freedman, is on Sunday 9 December at The Synchronicity Studios in Clapham, London. It has an exciting programme to offer to deepen baby yoga knowledge.

19 Oct 2012

Controversial swinging baby classes - this is not baby yoga!

Many of you may have seen and been rightly horrified by the recent youtube video showing Lena Fokina swinging screaming babies by their legs. This is NOT Baby Yoga!

28 Feb 2012

Reflections from a birthlight baby yoga teacher

After discovering Francoise's pregnancy yoga book during my first pregnancy I became interested in the Birthlight approach. I practiced baby yoga with my daughter from a few weeks old, and decided to train

25 Jan 2012

The healing power of baby yoga

Birthlight Baby Yoga teacher Rumi Shanti shares the story of how she helped Japanese Tsunami victims with baby yoga.

13 Dec 2011

Mandy Adams - Love Baby Yoga

Mandy Adams, a Birthlight qualified Baby Yoga and Perinatal Yoga teacher and owner of Love Baby Yoga, shares her plans to establish a centre in Cornwall 'The Family Tree'

23 Jul 2011

Yoga for mother and baby book

Yoga for Mother and Baby. This is a happy, easy and practical book that offers interactive moves for mothers (fathers too) and babies from birth to the third year.

01 Oct 2010