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Birthlight news : General

Despatches from Birthlight teachers around the world

Here we've compiled a tour of some Birthlight teachers from around the globe with each teacher's class details - Birthlight practices crossing languages and cultures across digital space!

11 May 2020

Supporting new families

So much has changed in our lives and around us, so fast, since the beginning of the UK lockdown. I hope that you are finding new sources of creativity each day with your families, rhythms for daily activities and an upbeat spirit.

02 Apr 2020

Catch a glimpse of the silver lining in this dark cloud

let’s pause for a moment and catch a glimpse of the silver lining in this dark cloud. Time to connect, re-think and quietly gather the threads of what we know could be, can be.

19 Mar 2020

Pregnant women and the coronavirus

Following the new measures outlined by the Prime Minister on 16 March, particularly those suggesting that pregnant women reduce social contact, the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, the Royal College of Midwives and the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health are working to reassure pregnant women and those who care for them.

18 Mar 2020

Coronavirus update

On behalf of the Birthlight admin team, tutors and course organisers, we really empathise with any inconvenience the COVID-19 crisis may be causing you regarding planned courses and classes that you teach or attend.

14 Mar 2020

Fear no more; integrate special babies into your Baby Yoga class with confidence

2-day course accompanied by a manual to help baby yoga teachers feel confident to accept these wonderful babies into their groups

12 Dec 2019

Aquanatal yoga - my beautiful career

The classes are so special for mums-to-be. They are for me too.

12 Nov 2019

Welcome to Nima Keshavarzi - aqua yoga tutor

We'd like to welcome and introduce Nima Keshavarzi, birthlight aqua yoga tutor.

25 Oct 2019

Poetry of Birthlight - ‘Finding the Mum in Me’

Does anyone else find that amongst the aims and objectives in our teachers’ lesson plans there seeps a sprinkling of Birthlight magic dust? Mum Debbie shares a wonderful poem.

21 Oct 2019

Birthlight postnatal aqua yoga teacher training

This course goes in-depth into what happens post pregnancy and what can be done to help mothers on the next part of their journey into parenthood and develops skills learnt in Aquanatal Yoga.

14 Oct 2019

Aquatic Nurture for Newborns - first course a great success

Birthlight Aquatic Nurture for Newborns is not just for babies but also for parents and babies to relax together. Our first course in the UK is a great success.

07 Oct 2019

Well Woman Aqua Yoga - course retreat

This course-retreat in a place of beauty will inspire you to teach others from a space of nurture and joyous experience.

24 Sep 2019

Welcome to our new tutors

We're delighted to congratulate and welcome two new baby swimming tutors.

16 Sep 2019

Invaluable coursework experience

Coursework provides an invaluable opportunity to gain more experience, depth of understanding, feedback and the opportunity to grow as a teacher.

01 Sep 2019

Yoga alliance professionals accreditation

Our Well Woman Yoga and Well Woman Aqua Yoga Diploma courses join our Perinatal Yoga Diploma course in becoming accredited with Yoga Alliance Professionals.

20 Aug 2019

Changing lives on International Yoga Day #Yoga4All

Join in the Yoga4All initiative on the International Day of Yoga, Friday 21 June 2019

26 May 2019

Birthlight teaching - on land and water

The combination of land and water works well, and most mothers feel relaxed during pregnancy, relieved by classes and daily exercises, even if they feel a little sick.

23 May 2019

Aquatic nurture – foundations for Water Parenting

The Aquatic Nurture course has been developed by Francoise to impart early Water Parenting skills to our parents from the earliest moments. Tutors give their thoughts on why they consider Aqua Nurture to be important to offer to new parents.

22 May 2019

Birth Preparation course inspiration

The course combines professional training with an experiential journey that helps all participants to gain a deeper understanding of the miracle of giving birth.

20 May 2019

The expanding spiral of joy in my life

I am very happy to be part of this team for love and kindness to the humanity and planet Earth, and it was very important for me in my life to do something good.

18 May 2019

Birthing Your Placenta: the third stage of labour

This is the fourth edition of a popular book co-authored by Nadine Edwards and Sara Wickham. It has been written to help parents, professionals and others to understand the process and the evidence relating to the birth of the placenta.

18 May 2019

Teacher of the month - Irina Mukhina

My journey with Birthlight started at 2011 with the first Well Woman yoga training in Moscow. At that time I was also studying Yoga-therapy, but I felt I miss something subtle but very important in that therapeutic approach. Birthlight filled those gaps with deeper understanding of women's nature, with gentle woman-oriented practices, micromovements and joy.

01 May 2019

Birthlight - Yoga to Nurture New Life

Birthlight is 10 years old in Russia!!! To celebrate this landmark our Russian partners and friends have organised a spectacular two-day conference in Moscow with a focus on land-based practices for making birth an easier and supporting the transition to motherhood.

28 Mar 2019

Birthlight baby conference in China

This amazing event was a platform to consolidate bonds among our Birthlight aquatic team that has included tutor Judy Kou from Taiwan, tutors in training Vivian and our aquatic coordinator in China Sunny Shan, who hosted this conference from Qingdao.

26 Mar 2019

The Yoga Therapy Conference 2019

Network Yoga Therapy is hosting the 4th Yoga Therapy Conference in Amsterdam on 10th and 11th May, 2019.

25 Mar 2019

Yoga in healthcare conference

As an invited workshop presenter in the Yoga in Healthcare Conference, I was most impressed by the standards, quality and superb organisation of this event, the brainchild of Heather Mason, the founder of the Minded Institute.

01 Mar 2019

Françoise's 70th Birthday Message

As the founder of Birthlight and on my 70th birthday, I would like to send each one of you my message of gratitude for your involvement, and the ways in which it has manifested.

19 Feb 2019

Featured Practice - Rolling Cat

Rolling Cat is a core Birthlight practice both during pregnancy and afterwards that protects the lumbar curve, mobilises the whole spine and back whilst adding strength to the arms, shoulders and upper back.

18 Feb 2019

Thank you from AMURTEL Greece

AMURTEL Greece sends a very big thank you for the lovely gift of infant massage booklets. The mothers who come to our centre have been surprised and delighted to have the booklets to take home after a session of massaging their infants.

17 Feb 2019

NEW Birthlight Organic Clothing

Launching a new range of organic Birthlight logo clothing. Organic t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts and long sleeve tops for teaching classes and casual use.

01 Feb 2019

Sylvie - a big thank you

Sylvie is moving on from Birthlight to enter a new phase of her professional life with a company aiming to have an impact not on new families and society, - as we do - but on the planet. This is an exciting expansion of her dedication to do well in a way that also serves a greater purpose.

25 Jan 2019

Birthlight clothing sale

Birthlight are having a clothing SALE!!! Great time to stock up. ... Hurry whilst stocks last.

24 Jan 2019

Womb to World - Moscow - June 2019

Our next Womb to World conference has the theme: 'Birthlight: Yoga to Nurture New Life'. It takes place on 8-9 June in Moscow, Russia,

21 Jan 2019

4th Annual Birth Trauma Event

The 4th Annual Birth Trauma event was a fascinating day packed with speakers covering topics such as Pelvic health, Paternal Postnatal depression, Nutrition and Yoga for birth trauma.

11 Jan 2019

Season's Greetings from Birthlight

Season's Greetings from Birthlight. Wishing you all Light, Peace and Joy in 2019.

21 Dec 2018

New Birthlight tutor-in-training in China

We are delighted to announce that Sunny, a Birthlight teacher and course organiser in China, is now training as a Birthlight tutor.

20 Nov 2018

Oxford ‘Toddles and Waddles’ Birthlight Walking group

Sara Barker shares her experiences of organising Birthlight Pregnancy and Family walks in Oxford. She offers template ideas to use for inspiration.

15 Nov 2018

Womb to World 2018 Conference Review

Birthlight Womb to World conferences are re-sourcing encounters around specific themes illuminated by recent research. We get inspired by the speakers, stimulated by questions and conversations, encouraged to offer new practices in our classes.

11 Oct 2018

Womb to World 2018 Conference - Tutor Review

Thanks to Birthlight for hosting a fascinating and stimulating conference, exploring the theme of active bonding through sound before, during and after birth from a wide range of angles and experiences.

10 Oct 2018

New Birthlight Water Parenting centres in China

We would like to welcome and congratulate Hi-Boy International Swimming Center and Blue Starfish Swimming Center on becoming Birthlight Certified Water Parenting Centers .

09 Oct 2018

Birthlight Perinatal ‘Funny’ Yoga Walks

The first of our series of handouts on key birthlight practices. Birthlight 'funny' walks get the awareness down into the pelvis and the feet and can help stabilize the pelvis, strengthening and releasing the muscles and ligaments in and around the pelvis.

08 Oct 2018

Kirsteen Ruffell becomes a Director of Birthlight

We are very happy to announce that Birthlight Tutor Kirsteen Ruffell is becoming the fourth Director of Birthlight Teaching Ltd.

04 Oct 2018

Leigh McCullan and Birthlight Rugby Mums

I would like to convey my admiration and thanks to Leigh as an inspirational Birthlight teacher. Thank you, for ‘being of service’ in a yoga spirit to women and new families in your community for years.

01 Oct 2018

New Birthlight tutor-in-training in China

We are delighted that Grace Min Zhou, a Birthlight teacher and course organiser in China, is now training as a Birthlight tutor.

30 Sep 2018

Gifting nurturing baby massage to refugee mothers

Help Birthlight to support AMURTEL Greece in spreading the benefits of massage to refugee mothers and babies. Would you be able to contribute the cost of producing one nurturing baby massage booklet?

29 Sep 2018

Phishing emails

Phishing emails are one of the most prevalent forms of cyber attacks. Here are some tips on how to identify a phishing email.

01 Sep 2018

No Borders (hard or soft) in Birthlight

As the amazing family of Birthlight teachers expands across the world and gently grows like the great Oak, I had the pleasure of meeting up with two wonderful teachers in Aquanatal Yoga on the latest training course in Northern Ireland run by Sally Lomas.

09 Aug 2018

The birthlight training website - one of the perks of being a member

Last year we launched a new training website - are you a birthlight member and you haven’t seen it yet? So come with us and have a look around - it is full of helpful things!

03 Aug 2018

Birthlight on Tour - Barcelona retreat

Help the birthlight philosophy and practices to reach even further around the world. Birthlight on tour offers an introduction to the land based practices we offer in pregnancy, postnatal and baby yoga teachings, a wonderful opportunity to join our community either for your own personal interest or to enhance your teachings.

01 Aug 2018

Active connection with sound - 'research and practice'

An interview with the co-Director of the Princeton Baby Lab, supports our 22 September 2018 conference focus on active connection with sound: singing to babies even before they are born and consistently after birth

01 Aug 2018

Birthlight Conference ticket offers

There are also a couple of money saving ticket offers now available - '3 for 2' and 'half price for students' - so now is a great time to make a booking

20 Jul 2018

Win a Birthlight handbook and rebozo

We have a 'Rebozo Practices - Before, During & After Birth' handbook and a rebozo to give away in this month's competition.

20 Jul 2018

Birthlight lullaby quilt

The idea of the Lullaby Quilt is to make a virtual quilt, made up of video-sound patches. These are ‘stitched’ together visually on a webpage, with all the beauty of a home-made quilt and just as familiar and easy to use!

19 Jun 2018

Respect and Knowledge

The RCM just published a statement about infant feeding and when I read it in the news, I immediately thought: ’yes, of course, this makes sense’; it also made me think of why I was always felt comfortable to be a mum working at Birthlight.

14 Jun 2018

Cultural Fusion. The science, magic and nurture of planet-wide Baby Holds

I have only recently come across ‘The Hold’ promoted by Dr Hamilton, a paediatrician in Santa Monica, California. It has been seen by many people, but I missed it.

21 Apr 2018

Reminder re GDPR

Little reminder for our UK-based teachers about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which will apply from 25 May 2018.

09 Apr 2018

Tribute to Chris Johnson on her retirement

Christine Johnston has been a real pioneer. She has been a dynamo, a kind and fun mentor and someone who was always open to new ideas for creating community.

01 Apr 2018

Birthlight 'Womb to World' 2018 conference

'Active bonding through sound before, during and after birth'. Sound matters in all Birthlight’s areas of teaching, prenatal and postnatal, land-based and aquatic.

24 Mar 2018

Tribute to Dr T. Berry Brazelton

Dr T Berry Brazelton has passed away this March at the age of 99. He was a pioneer in the world of paediatrics, the foundation of his work was to show that newborn behaviour has meaning and purpose.

20 Mar 2018

Birthlight in Singapore

Through the 11 years of my work, I have assisted many mothers in their childbirth journey, water birth preparation, postnatal therapy, babies and toddlers to swim, it’s always good to go back to basic. Recharge and move again.

19 Mar 2018

Light on Parenting Conference, Beijing Dec 2017 - Review

What the China Conference showed me is that Birthlight is about being part of a wider community, supporting the Birthlight family and drawing from the knowledge and experiences of those within it to enhance what we do.

13 Jan 2018

What does it mean to be a member of Birthlight?

At Birthlight, we believe in community support. That is how Birthlight started, in the middle of a tiny indigenous community where pregnant women and babies were looked after and nurtured by the entire community.

12 Jan 2018

Presentation of Birthlight Austria

October 13th was the day. After two months of preparation we presented Birthlight Austria.

01 Dec 2017

Supporting Supriya

In October, Birthlight teacher Supriya Horn and her family suffered the devastating blow of losing their home – and everything in it - to the forest fires that have ravaged many parts of Portugal.

20 Nov 2017

Towards a value-free nurturing of birth

“The birth of a child should be (italics mine) a wonderful, life-changing time for a mother and her whole family. It is a time of new beginnings, of fresh hopes and new dreams, of change and opportunity. It is a time when the experiences we have can shape our lives and those of our babies and families forever”

22 Oct 2017

Jo's Story

I have been a Birthlight swimming teacher for over nine years and an STA Tutor for six. I set up Little Splashers over ten years ago and together with my Husband, Christian we built Swim Works our first family swim centre three years ago.

21 Oct 2017

From the Amazonian tribes to China thanks to you!

From the Amazonian tribes to China: who could have predicted 30 years ago that birthlight’s spiral of joy would shine in so many different countries?

18 Oct 2017

Brazelton 20th Anniversary Conference Review

The Brazelton Centre UK celebrated its twentieth anniversary (1997-2017) with a dazzling and informative day conference held at the Møller Centre at Churchill College in Cambridge on 21st September 2017

17 Oct 2017

Our new water tutors in training

Birthlight would like to welcome five new water tutors in training, Nicole in Austria, Stalo in Cyprus, Gill in Northern Ireland and Julie and Marion from the UK.

25 Sep 2017

From struggle to light and joy

Rania, a birthlight teacher in Greece, tells of the joyous birth of her fourth child, a little baby girl.

22 Sep 2017

Lesley Page Ph.D., Honored for Excellence in Midwifery Education and Advocacy

Professor Lesley Page, Patron of Birthlight, recently stepped down from the presidency of the RCM after a five year term.

01 Aug 2017

Juno Magazine celebratory 50th issue

In this celebratory 50th issue they celebrate by looking back over 14 years of publishing JUNO.

01 Aug 2017

Brazelton 20th Anniversary Conference

This conference, on 21 September 2017 in Cambridge, is unmissable to all interested in parent-baby communication from birth.

28 Jul 2017

Shawn Tomlinson - My Birthlight journey and retirement

What a wonderful journey this had been. My most profound 'learn' over these many years has been to fully understand that babies are continuously communicating with us, making choices and waiting for us to partner with them.

14 Jul 2017

‘Light in Parenting’ Conference, Beijing, China

A Birthlight ‘Light in Parenting’ conference will be held in Beijing in 8-10 December 2017, organised with the support of birthlight course organisers based in China.

10 Jul 2017

Tribute to Frederick Leboyer

It is with great sadness that I bow to the memory of Frederick Leboyer, who died on 25 May 2017 at the age of 98.

08 Jul 2017

My birthlight journey, returning to Brazil

About four years ago my Birthlight journey started. My beginning was a little bit different than most of other Birthlight members

27 May 2017

Birthlight on tour in Japan

This training exceeded our expectations in every single way - our students were so engaged and listening to Motherhood Yoga taught in Japanese was an experience Sally and I will not soon forget!

24 May 2017

Membership update

We would like to let you know that we are changing the way the Birthlight membership card looks.

23 May 2017

Birthlight training resources - update

This dedicated website includes not only the guideline for completing coursework but above all, the tools you may need to market your classes and update your training knowledge.

26 Apr 2017

The value of kindness

I have been teaching yoga in the Birthlight way for almost 15 years now. I remember that I immediately felt at home with the approach and recognised something in it that fitted with what I wanted to offer through my yoga.

13 Apr 2017

Meeting Ina May is always a pleasure

It is always a great pleasure to see Ina May Gaskin. She is as funny and down to earth out of the limelight as she is on stage and in her books.

21 Mar 2017

It's never too late, there's always a way

Me, thirty beautiful women, and an army of stuffed animals. This is the scene I beheld whilst the Tuscan afternoon introduced the first of a week's worth of sessions in postnatal yoga and connectivity training with Birthlight last summer.

02 Mar 2017

Yoga retreat in Kythera, Greece

If you have been wondering where to holiday this summer, and have long wanted to incorporate yoga for the whole family, into your holiday plans, 3 Birthlight teachers (2 tutors in fact!) are coming together to bring a family holiday with some Birthlight magic to life.

12 Feb 2017

Human rights in childbirth, narratives and restorative justice: a review

This review describes the emerging global debate on the role of human rights in childbirth.

02 Feb 2017

Asquith discount and competition

We’ve teamed up with activewear brand, Asquith, to offer you an exclusive 20% discount on their Spring Summer ’17 collection.

18 Jan 2017

Birthlight Christmas message 2016

‘tis the season of good will, well-wishing and happy tidings. As we prepare gifts and plan special cheer, the festive season unwittingly opens our hearts and draws us to celebrate the end of a cycle and the opening of a new one at the winter solstice.

19 Dec 2016

Birthlight on tour in Barcelona

Birthlight On Tour continues to grow as we have just completed our first retreat- style training at Omshanti Yoga Studio just outside Barcelona, Spain.

06 Nov 2016

Shining the light

Jenni Jones shares her reflections on the influence of her teachers. Shining the light that is in all of us as teachers who guide women into wellness and health of mind, body, spirit breath and baby.

01 Nov 2016

'Light in Water' conference review 2016

The comments and evaluations that we have received on the Light in Water conference are a testimony to its success as an international event designed to raise awareness on the potential that water has for supporting parents to be and new parents through the Primal Continuum.

13 Oct 2016

From Mother to Birthlight Yoga Teacher

I have recently completed Part 1 of the Well Woman Yoga course in London with Francoise and a group of other amazing women all from different yoga backgrounds. During the course I paused to reflect on my own Birthlight journey, which started as a mother

06 Oct 2016

My birthlight story - Nadine

It took me a while to get my head around becoming a Birthlight Baby Swimming teacher. I’d trained as a dancer but, due to injury that never quite happened! And now I have been asked to write something about how I came to Birthlight.

09 Sep 2016

Become a friend of birthlight

Anyone can become a friend of birthlight... Birthlight Friends’ annual subs of £10 are one great way to support all we do through our UK based non profit association.

31 Aug 2016

Birthlight on tour - Bangkok

What a pleasure to offer our new motherhood yoga on tour in Bangkok. The venue was at a music school which has a lovely sunshine filled yoga studio.

25 Jul 2016

Joseph Chilton Pearce - Conference presentation

It is ten years since the first Birthlight international conference Visions of Infant Joy in July 2006. Among all the outstanding speakers who graced this conference, Joseph Chilton Pearce left a lasting mark with his message of ‘infant joy’ that called for a standing ovation.

22 Jul 2016

Moscow report - Amazing Francoise

In June Francoise Freedman visited Moscow. People had the opportunity to see her working in different areas, gain new and very fresh ideas, obtain deep knowledge from the founder of Birthlight, and just talk and spend time with a wonderful woman, teacher and friend.

11 Jul 2016

‘Light in Water’ conference partner opportunities

If you want to introduce a product or service range and would like be better known in the UK and abroad, ‘Light In Water’ could be a great opportunity for you!

10 Jul 2016

Birthlight Japan in action: part 1

My first encounter with Birthlight was after returning to my hometown, while carrying my second son, Zen, (now 18 months old), when I joined Rumi Kinoshita’s Livelight class.

04 Jul 2016

Birthlight training resources now even better

Our new dedicated training resources website provides coursework support in addition to tools to market your classes and update your training knowledge.

01 Jul 2016

Ten years with birthlight

Ten years ago I set up my own Birthlight Baby Yoga class, following the birth of my first child. This year I celebrate the 10th Birthday of my business.

06 Jun 2016

My birthlight journey - Luz Dary

My Birthlight journey started after my second pregnancy, when I felt that the support and guidance into motherhood were somewhat lacking.

04 Jun 2016

Rebozo practices - before during and after birth

The main aims of birthlight rebozo practices are to stabilise the pelvic girdle, aid the micro movements that assist women and to promote deep muscle tone. Robozos come in many beautiful colours and can help a woman to feel more relaxed and joyful.

04 Jun 2016

Light in Water: first international conference on the primal continuum in water

This conference is a celebration of ‘nurture’ in water and its wondrous evolutionary potential at this point in time.

26 May 2016

First Birthlight on Tour training course a great success!

Our first Birthlight On Tour Yoga for Motherhood Teacher Training in Berlin was a success!

02 May 2016

My trip to Moscow - Perinatal Yoga Training

What a wonderful group of women I had the pleasure of teaching. Some of the women stayed for the second part of the training when others also joined us. Each and every woman put their whole self into the experience – body, mind, heart and soul.

01 May 2016

Rebozo practices – a new Birthlight handbook

This very practical handbook is full of creative ideas on how to use these colourful shawls to support and nurture women before, during and after birth

20 Apr 2016


For many years we at Pinter & Martin have been dreaming about having a physical space where we could show off our books, but just a bookshop didn’t seem right.

21 Mar 2016

Two sides of the same coin

Last Wednesday I visited Shire Hall in Cambridge to register the death of my ancient father. He passed away gracefully at the age of almost 102. When I came out of the registrars office, a couple were waiting in the waiting room, smiling.

14 Feb 2016

Birthlight on tour

We are offering several aspects of the Birthlight trainings in one exciting new intensive course. Our new 5 day course moves through the journey of pregnancy, birth and the postnatal year with specially designed moves for new mums and babies.

23 Jan 2016

Birthlight Christmas message 2015

To all members and friends of Birthlight, to those who have attended trainings, classes and events over the last year as well as those who will take part in planned 2016 activities, our joint greetings, with tidings of merry festivities and wishes for lasting peace and joy in the New Year.

21 Dec 2015

JUNO Winter issue interview with Francoise

The Winter issue of JUNO features an interview with Birthlight’s Francoise Freedman.

20 Dec 2015

Judy Kou - my journey

Who would have thought that I would come this far and become this inspired by Birthlight?! When I first contacted Birthlight in 2006, it was just a mother’s desperate wish to find a suitable swimming program that could hopefully help my son’s asthma.

17 Nov 2015

Birthlight tutors meeting 2015

Every year the Birthlight tutors gather to discuss our courses, to explore new ideas and to have some fun together. This year we met in Cambridge following the very successful Birthlight conference.

14 Oct 2015

Birthlight Womb to World Conference 2015 review

The conference was an inspirational day with a rich range of perspectives on the ways in which maternity is represented.

24 Sep 2015

Yoga Garden Party - The Hope Foundation

It was a pleasure to be involved in this year’s Yoga Garden Party, a major fund raising event pioneered by Simon Low, the founder of Yoga Academy, in support of The Hope Foundation.

12 Aug 2015

Birthlight tutors in Donegal

Recently Liz who is based in Northern Ireland invited several tutors to gather together to share techniques and ideas on our new Nurturing baby massage course.

31 Jul 2015

My Birthlight experiences

Almost 10 years ago now, as I was happily expecting our first child, I remember excitedly asking my amazing community midwife if there were any active birth classes in our area. I had read about these in a baby magazine and understood it was a good thing to do to help the birth go smoothly.

29 Jul 2015

Teaching secular yoga to children in state sector primary schools

Sixteen years ago Francoise Freedman inspired me to try and help change the world for the better, one child at a time.

12 Jun 2015

The farm experience

Taking time off for training is always a life transformational experience. And when you train in something you are passionate about, it’s even better.

10 Jun 2015

Juno magazine offer and competition

JUNO is a natural parenting magazine that inspires and supports families through its range of features, columns and artwork. Subscription offer and competition.

10 Jun 2015

The joys of teaching both Birthlight swimming and yoga classes

The swimming and yoga classes are so different but so similar. There are many aspects the same - the holds, the moves, the bonding, the nurturing, the eye contact, even the songs.

09 Jun 2015

A tribute to Diana Lomas

It is with great sadness but also with fond gratitude that I recollect my memories of Diana Lomas who passed away in her sleep last Thursday in Cambridge.

01 Jun 2015

My Birthlight Journey – Wendy Langshaw

My Birthlight Journey began in 2000 when I started Bellies, backs & babies which is a Physiotherapy practice focused on supporting Mums and Mums to be in Adelaide, Australia.

18 May 2015

Birthlight and building communities

One of the most rewarding aspects of teaching Birthlight classes is seeing friendships between parents and babies form and blossom. I see groups of mums and little one’s in the park and families connecting as they enjoy swimming together.

11 May 2015

The importance and value of CPD

CPDs are an opportunity to update our practical and theoretical knowledge in addition to being useful networking time.

17 Apr 2015

Thank you Michel Odent

Thank you Michel Odent for your concept of Primal Health and your research database

16 Apr 2015

The work of Bruce Lipton

Bruce Lipton our leading edge in understanding cellular memory and how it impacts development of baby in utero and in first 7 years of life

15 Apr 2015

Birthlight card competition

We will be producing a series of new baby congratulation cards for birthlight teachers to give to new mum's in their classes. All proceeds on the cards will go to the charity arm of birthlight.

13 Mar 2015

Our quest as gentle teachers

I saw something the other day that made me think about a topic for discussion, something that has been bothering me for years but that I have been too timid to address for fear of offending or being controversial.

13 Mar 2015

Water courses and the birthlight tutors

One of the unique aspects of Birthlight is that we offer practices both on dry land and in the water. The classes are very different yet they share the gentle nurturing qualities of the Birthlight approach.

11 Mar 2015

Birthlight business pack

A birthlight key to success! We are thrilled to introduce you to our latest business tool to help you in setting up your teaching business. We have put all the elements you may need to promote your birthlight classes on your own USB key.

10 Mar 2015

The Birthlight seeds in Europe

Managing birthlight is not just about making sure that the courses are filling up, it also requires an economical and political awareness.

09 Mar 2015

My Birthlight story – Nicola Gibbons

"I'm here because some of my students are pregnant and they have asked me to start a pregnancy yoga class for them." That was my answer to fellow students on the first day of the Birthlight perinatal course I enrolled on in April 2014.

09 Mar 2015

Birthlight in France - a real ray of sunshine

Birthlight teacher Perrine Alliod shares some reflections and feedback from the recent birthlight training in France.

20 Feb 2015

Birthlight spirit in the house of angels

Our first perinatal yoga and baby yoga courses in Rennes, France with tutors Belinda Staplehurst and Marion O'Connor have been a great success.

19 Feb 2015

Birthlight flourishing in China

Through the support of amazing and dedicated courses organisers, Birthlight is starting to flourish in many parts of China.

18 Feb 2015

Explore all aspects of the birthlight trainings

I love to encourage others to explore all aspects of the birthlight trainings. Birthlight is for 'the greater enjoyment of pregnancy, birth and babies' and we can encourage and support this in so many ways.

17 Feb 2015

Birthlight Womb to World Conference 2015

Maternal images and maternal representations before, during and after birth. Saturday 19 September 2015, Cambridge

15 Jan 2015

Christmas message from Françoise Freedman

As the winter solstice and Christmas draw near, my thoughts go to Birthlight members and friends all over the world. Once again I have travelled back to the source of Birthlight in the Peruvian Upper Amazon.

20 Dec 2014

Birthlight Womb to World Conference 2014 Review

Birthlight's 'Womb to World' conference 2014 was a great success and we'd like to thank the wonderful, inspirational speakers and attendees. Conference review and feedback.

18 Sep 2014

Birthlight in Ebbio Tuscany

Once again Birthlight was invited to teach at the Rainbow Kids Yoga training in Ebbio, Italy this summer. It’s been a very successful collaboration and we look forward to working together again in the future

01 Sep 2014

Birthlight Japan – Team Update

Birthlight Japan is forging forward in preparation for the arrival of Birthlight trainings in the Land of the Rising Sun. Please join me in offering a big, warm-hearted Birthlight welcome to our newest and highly valued members of the team - Hiroe and Katsu.

30 Jul 2014

Prague 2014: 30th ICM Triennial Congress

On Sunday 1st June, Wendy Gadsden and I flew to Prague for the 30th Triennial Congress of the International Confederation of Midwives.

14 Jun 2014

A personal tribute to Margaret Adey, 1954-2014

Margaret Adey, co-founder of Birthlight and Chair of our Board of Trustees for fifteen years, died last Sunday. Most current Birthlight members have probably noticed her name and signature on Diplomas but have not met her in person.

14 Jun 2014

People and plants conference - June 2014

People and Plants Conference, 26 & 27 June - Cambridge UK. From local to vast intercontinental exchanges, flows of plants have always been accompanied by human transactions or translations on cultural, intellectual, political and economic levels.

22 May 2014

Birthlight training in China’s High-Five Parent-Child Swimming & Yoga Club

I was privileged to be the latest guest tutor at High-Five Parent-Child Club in Taiyuan. David and Fay, together with the teachers, staff and member families welcomed me with open arms to their impressive centre.

01 Apr 2014

Remembering Sarah Gostick

Sarah Gostick was an amazing lady, as “Birthlight” as you could be without training up! All her children attended one Birthlight class or another, from Wizzy, through Angus and Gemma, right down to Sally-Ann.

28 Mar 2014

Pranayama Special Session - London

Yoga, Asana, Pranayama & Meditation. 3 Day Workshop London Retreat 11-13 April 2014. This workshop retreat combines daily guided asana pranayama and meditation, with inspiring talks and discussions.

14 Mar 2014

My tribute to 'a decade (plus)' of Birthlight

I first joined Birthlight in 2002, when I ventured to Riddlesworth Hall to train as a baby yoga teacher. I had been involved with infant massage in N. Ireland for almost 6 years prior to making the decision to offer parents and babies, who attended my classes, something “new”.

20 Jan 2014

Birthlight Womb to World conference 2013 video

Birthlight Womb to World Conference 2013 Video is now available from the birthlight online shop. Double DVD filmed at the Birthlight conference held at Adenbrookes, Cambridge, 14th September, 2013.

28 Nov 2013

Birthlight in Moscow - review of 2013

We are proud to announce the results of Birthlight trainings 2013 at Brightfamily/Birthlight centre, located in the heart of Moscow, at Staromonetny pereulok, near the Red Square. It was really a very productive year, taking into account the fact that we made a goal long in advance

26 Nov 2013

Birthlight Conference 2013 - Wendy Gadsden

Midwife Wendy Gadsden shares her experiences of using Birthlight yoga in NHS practice and makes a case for a move away from cascades of intervention in pregnancy and birth

09 Nov 2013

Birthlight Conference 2013 report

What a treat to be able to attend this wonderful conference! I went away inspired, informed and with a buzzing excitement to share the knowledge I gained from the wise speakers at this year’s event.

26 Sep 2013

Birthlight in Greece - report Sally Lomas

I was recently teaching in Athens and was delighted to discover a vibrant and growing Birthlight community. We have offered courses in Greece for a few years and many have been drawn to our teachings

20 Sep 2013

China report - Amanda Gawthrope

I have had a request to share my experience in China so here is a little snippet from my visit...

17 Aug 2013

Having babies later in life

When I interviewed Françoise Freedman for my book on later pregnancy and motherhood (Right Time Baby - The Complete Guide to Later Motherhood, Hay House 2011) I was 41 and the proud mum of a beautiful two year-old son.

22 Jul 2013

Birthlight training in Russia - June13

I am on my journey home following my third visit to Moscow. I was tutoring in baby yoga 1, baby yoga 2 and SMART yoga. Initially the thought of eight consecutive days was daunting. Thankfully I was familiar with the venue and was used to working with Anastasia, who translates for many of us when we work with Bright Family Moscow.

24 Jun 2013

Birthlight baby meets the Queen

Charlotte happened to be born at the Rosie Birth Centre on the day the Queen attended for the official opening. We were lucky enough to be the family selected to meet her.

21 Jun 2013

Yoga is better for the brain than exercise, say scientists

Researchers report that twenty minutes of yoga can boost brain activity more than conventional aerobic exercise such as jogging.

10 Jun 2013

Birthlight Womb to World day conference

This day packed full with relevant and applicable knowledge will be invaluable to Birthlight teachers as well as to doulas and midwives. Main speaker: Dr Sarah Buckley, 14 September 2013, Venue: Addenbrookes, Cambridge

23 May 2013

Innovative 'Circle Time Yoga' programme

As a childcare provider I am a member of the Early Childhood Ireland association and last month we at NCR Childcare won the 2013 Innovation Award in Programme Design for the introduction of 'Circle Time Yoga'.

12 May 2013

Cambridge model of Birthlight collaboration

Over the years the Birthlight community here has grown, some babies we knew are in their teens! As new teachers qualified and some experienced teachers moved to Cambridge there was a possibility that maybe there were too many of us, would we all be able to teach?

20 Apr 2013

My birthlight journey

Birthlight has been a leading force in my philosophy on birthing and parenting. I started off as a labour and delivery nurse in Canada soon after graduation from nursing school and assisted mothers in their birth experience in Canada, Nepal, Saudi Arabia and the USA.

16 Apr 2013

Improving pregnancy and wellbeing beyond childbirth

How can yoga help to improve not only the quality of pregnancies but also the wellbeing of women beyond childbirth? This is the challenge Birthlight took on from the time of its foundation in the 1980s in Cambridge, as pregnant women who had prepared for birth with yoga completed their ‘fourth trimester’.

22 Mar 2013

Birthlight training in Hong Kong

I have just returned from a wonderful week in Hong Kong teaching 3 Birthlight trainings. Jenny Smith the founder of Gecko Yoga hosted the courses at the White Lotus Centre in the heart of the city.

05 Feb 2013

Birthlight training in China

Early January Amanda and I were privileged to be invited by Jeannette Zhang and Gracie Qian to mainland China to deliver a week of Birthight training for their brand new Beijing Eureka Kids Ltd.

04 Feb 2013

Birthlight's new patron - Professor Lesley Page

Birthlight are delighted to announce Professor Lesley Page’s acceptance to be a Patron of Birthlight, not with her President of the Royal College of Midwives’ hat on but as an admired and respected friend and beacon of personalized continuity in maternity care.

17 Dec 2012

I'm a Baby Yogi clothing

Birthlight teacher Maxine Cohen has launched a series Baby Yogi products with a cute baby yoga inspired design with slogans and made from organic cotton.

11 Dec 2012

Birthlight tutors meeting Nov 2012

Sending a big 'Hi' from Birthlight at a recent tutors meeting.

23 Nov 2012

Birthlight in France

We're really pleased to confirm that Stéphanie Launay will be hosting two birthlight courses at her yoga centre La Maison des Anges in Rennes, France.

20 Nov 2012

Birthlight membership benefits

Birthlight membership brings a whole host of benefits and special offers

16 Nov 2012

birthlight at The Yoga Show

Birthlight will be at the London YOGA Show 2012, stand B14, 26/27/28 October. London, Olympia. If you're attending please drop by and say Hello.

20 Sep 2012

Welcome to the new website!

'Find a teacher' and 'find a class' are greatly improved. Please take the opportunity to review your teacher profile and any classes listed to ensure that anyone looking for classes finds your current contact and class information.

26 Jun 2012

Light on Parenting Conference Review

I have spent the past few days assimilating the information and wisdom that was presented by the most inspiring team of speakers, at the ‘Light on Parenting’ Conference organised by Birthlight this weekend in collaboration with Magdalena Jenkins.

20 May 2012

Light on Parenting Conference - Sat 5 - Sun 6 May 2012, London

'Light on Parenting: from conception to the early years' is this year's Birthlight conference. It is a truly unique conference aimed at parents and those who are passionate about their work with parents, children, and around pregnancy and birth.

07 Jan 2012

Julia de Lucchi on WABC 2011 Conference in Florida

Julia de Lucchi, Birthlight Infant Aquatics tutor, shares some of her learning form the WABC Conference in Florida...

24 Oct 2011

Chris Johnston bike ride for Meningitis Trust

In November 2004 my grandson Theo was four months old. He was a happy, healthy child with a bright future. All that changed over the course of a weekend when he was diagnosed with Meningitis.

23 Jul 2011

Letter to Francoise about WellWoman yoga

I love the energy of a Birthlight get together and the sense of belonging to a tribe. When I go to a Birthlight conference I am surrounded by women who radiate nurture and I feel compassionate towards my younger self.

28 Jun 2011