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Birthlight news : Perinatal Yoga

Hello World!

Most pregnant women who attend yoga courses are new to yoga. Even for experienced yogini, pregnancy and yoga are linked in the most miraculous and at the same time terrifying transformations of their bodies and minds as women become mothers, most specially for their first births.

10 Nov 2018

Birthlight Perinatal Training in Germany

Similar to the city of Hamburg, Birthlight is like a gateway... leading women and their families to find fulfillment and joy in the whole of their experience as it is in the present moment.

16 Apr 2018

Through Fear to Joy and Passion, a Birthlight Story

Birthlight took me from a place of fear, to a feeling of joy, and from joy, to passion. I feel that teaching to the mothers is my calling; I was borne to help women to go through a very stressful period of their lives and turn it to the most joyous experience of their lifetime.

20 Mar 2018

Birthlight continues to flourish in China

I am full of gratitude to be one of the tutor team who travels regularly to China. It means that I often get to witness the response of the women there to our Birthlight methods. It is a great honour to see how joyfully the methods are received.

23 Feb 2018

Tribute to Eryl Holt as she retires from teaching perinatal yoga

I would like to honour her contribution to Birthlight, for all the fun, joy and lightness of being as well as excellent yoga that she extended to so many women, families and other teachers around her.

22 Feb 2018

A Chance to Connect

It is a very special phase in a woman's life to be pregnant. A little human, enveloped by its mother, is growing and being created, being nourished and carried around. It is a very joyful phase, in a woman's life.

22 Nov 2017

Birthlight perinatal yoga in Cyprus

In 2013 I moved to Cyprus from the UK. I decided to leave my busy London life to focus full time on offering shiatsu and teaching yoga in Nicosia.

02 Aug 2017

Healing Diastasis Recti with gentle birthlight yoga

At Birthlight we use an integrative approach that, following the principles of yoga and Ayurveda, “supports the supporting structures” around a problem area: lower back strength, pelvic floor tone and organ function are all improved while the Diastasis Recti is being repaired.

20 Mar 2017

Birthlight training in yoga to support natural birth in Portugal

Nearly the whole team joined me to understand how to use Birthlight yoga to support natural birth in this busy state hospital in Portugal.

14 Feb 2017

The birth of Laniya

Although my birth wasn't textbook perfect and had a few ups and downs that's what makes it more special as together we overcame all the obstacles and together we birthed naturally and at our pace.

13 Feb 2017

Supporting women with independent midwives

Birthlight supports this statement by Rebecca Schiller from Birthrights highlights the unnecessarily tight timescale imposed by the NMC and lack of attempt to communicate what constitutes adequate levels of insurance.

20 Jan 2017

A tribute to Wendy Gadsden

Remembering Wendy can only be in a spirit of celebration. As tears keep welling up, images of her charm and cheerfulness soon prevail over the acute feeling of loss. Wendy was simply irresistible.

17 Jan 2017

Perinatal yoga training in Cyprus

Gisela Collazo shares her experience of Birthlight's first perinatal yoga course in Cyprus and her first as a tutor.

13 Nov 2016

Perinatal yoga training in Beijing

Luz Dary Schilt shares her experience of tutoring her first perinatal yoga course in Beijing.

10 Nov 2016

Empowering pregnant women through contemplation on the Yamas and Niyamas

For many women their first experience of yoga is when they are pregnant. Usually they join classes to do some gentle stretches and learn to relax but there is so much more we can offer them.

08 Nov 2016

Doula course in Shanghai

I’m full of gratitude and humbleness for being given this opportunity to share my experiences and knowledge whilst at the same time, learning so much myself. I’m proud to be leaving behind five newly established doulas, inspired and impatient to pass what they have learnt on to the women they come into contact with.

03 Oct 2016

Birthlight yoga for maternity

The Birthlight Yoga for Maternity course is designed around the existing knowledge and skills of a midwife which Birthlight knows from experience can be very different from those of an experienced yoga teacher looking to specialise in pregnancy yoga.

30 Sep 2016

Better births - 2016 Maternity review

Françoise writes about the impact of the recent Maternity Review coordinated by Baroness Cumberlege in England.

28 Mar 2016

The Secrets of Birth

I came across the word ‘doula’ in a Sunday magazine in 2002 and was amazed that there were woman out there providing this much needed emotional and practical support. I know that what I had wanted was someone to tell me that I was a good mum and that I was doing well.

21 Mar 2016

My amazing birth journey

On the third of January after an amazing birth journey in the back garden yoga studio at home our daughter Rosie emerged, spiraling from my body and into my hands.

26 Jan 2016

Reflections after a quarter century of teaching perinatal yoga

Retirement approaches and it seems an appropriate moment to reflect on over 25 years of teaching perinatal yoga.

24 Jan 2016

Birthlight arrives in Kiev!

Birthlight is delighted to announce that its first course has just run in Kiev, Ukraine. Twelve wonderful women attended for a double Perinatal Yoga Part 1 and Part 2 in mid November.

19 Dec 2015

The positive birth movement

The Positive Birth Movement started as a tiny seed of an idea: what if I invited women round to my house to sit by the fire, eat cake, and talk about childbirth?

18 Nov 2015

The Wonders of Yoga: How it helped me in pregnancy and postnatal recovery

Before long I made a significant improvement. The exercises taught me a discipline I had not known before.

17 Nov 2015

Back to the bare necessities, the simple bare necessities: the importance of movement in labour

Just before three years of midwifery training drew to a close, a small group of students were fortunate enough to partake in ‘Micromoves for the Intrapartum’.

15 Oct 2015

Poem on breastfeeding by Christina Moutsou

An alphabet acrostic poem

15 Oct 2015

A priceless treasure to women!

What wonderful, amazing female yoga exercises we learned that week. It felt like coming home in my female body again. My body recognised long forgotten worlds of female wisdom coming from the Amazon, handed over by Francoise Freedman.

17 Sep 2015

Empowering birthlight yoga

I feel I want to shout from the rooftops about my experience so that other women can feel equally empowered in pregnancy, childbirth and as a new mother.

30 Jul 2015

Eight ways that Birthlight yoga helps pregnancy and childbirth

As my daughter Maya bubbles and fizzes with energy towards her first birthday, my mind recounts with awe her journey into the world.

27 Jul 2015

Dr Amali Lokugamage receives 2015 EMEA award

Obstetrician and Birthlight trustee Amali Lokugamage received one of the 2015 Excellence in Medical Education Awards (EMEA)

17 Jun 2015

Birthlight classes in Sydney Australia

I was first inspired to teach prenatal yoga after the beautiful home births of my 2 daughters in the UK.

15 May 2015

A tribute to Andrea Robertson

Andrea was a passionate advocate for natural birth and midwifery. She was involved in many campaigns for the improvement of maternity services in Australia and initiated educational services for health professionals and pregnant women.

14 May 2015

Birthlight yoga for maternity training in Sydney

An enthusiastic group of midwives were welcomed by tutors Julia Gibson and Helen Macnair, some of whom had flown in from South Australia, Victoria and Northern New South Wales especially for the course.

11 May 2015

The postnatal year

It is heartening to read a shared Birthlight perspective on the NHS website ‘It took nine months to make a baby and it could take at least that long to get back into shape again.’

18 Apr 2015

A tribute to Sheila Kitzinger

The words that come to mind when paying a tribute to Sheila’s larger than life persona in the birth movement over more than half a century are flamboyant, formidable, intrepid, direct, passionate in her speaking.

13 Apr 2015

Roar behind the silence

The Roar Behind the Silence provides information, inspiration and practical suggestions to support maternity care workers, policy makers, and maternity care funders across the world in their quest to deliver sensitive, compassionate and high quality maternity service

11 Mar 2015

Review of Ashtanga Yoga for Pregnancy DVD

This DVD is aimed at those women already with an established Ashtanga practice before becoming pregnant, to give them an insight into how to adapt their practice.

08 Mar 2015

Dr Amali Lokugamage - Respectful maternity care

Dr Amali Lokugamage FRCOG, Birthlight Trustee, was invited to talk at the Royal College of Obstetrics & Gynaecologists (RCOG) World Congress 2014, Hyderabad, India in March 2014.

15 Feb 2015

Veronika Karacova - sharing my birth story

Sharing the birth story of Veronika Karacova who got in touch with her perinatal yoga tutor Rosanna Kalliabetsos to share the magical story of her baby's birth!

11 Feb 2015

Becoming Mother Yoga & Mindfulness DVD with Nadia Raafat

Birthlight teacher Nadia Raafat shares with you her Becoming Mother DVD - a five class programme of yoga and mindfulness for pregnancy and birth.

02 Feb 2015

Taking a Slower Pace; exploring postnatal depression

In our culture a sign of ‘normality’ is often described as moving soon after birth. One need only look at the glossy magazines to witness this month’s newest celebrity mum who has shed her baby weight mere weeks after giving birth.

13 Jan 2015

Perinatal yoga in Greece - our experience

Obstetrician Ourania-Karolina Koliopoulou and yoga teacher Nancy Stabelou share how birthlight perinatal yoga training has benefited their work with pregnant women and the outcomes of their pregnancies.

26 Nov 2014

Birthlight’s outreach to the Shiphrah birthing home in Manila

Last month I took Birthlight courses to the Philippines for the second time, through our partnership with Maricar and Lasse Holopainen, the founders of the exemplary Urban Ashram Manila Yoga Studios and Training School.

23 Oct 2014

Dr Amali Lokugamage shortlisted for a NHS London Leadership Award

Dr Amali Lokugamage, Birthlight Trustee, has been shortlisted for a NHS London Leadership Award under the “inclusivity” category for her work in humanising birth.

20 Sep 2014

Birthlight: Yoga for Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond DVD

New DVD programme which focuses on the unique techniques of adapted yoga, moving postures, micro movements, breathing awareness, spinal alignment and flowing movement to help women experience the best pregnancy possible

13 Aug 2014

Birthlight perinatal yoga now accreditated with Yoga Alliance UK

We are really pleased to announce that the Birthlight Perinatal Yoga Diploma course combined with the Birthlight Postnatal Yoga course has been accredited with the Yoga Alliance UK.

07 Apr 2014

Step-by-step yoga - Francoise's new book

This book features specially developed poses and exercises for all stages of pre-natal pregnancy and post-birth motherhood. Breathing techniques and relaxation sequences help you to nurture yourself and your growing baby, from conception to birth, and beyond. It includes exercises to help mothers recover from difficult or complex births, and special routines are given for both bottle and breast feeding. Postures gently help you develop or regain physical strength, tone muscles, relax, and bond

25 Oct 2013

First yoga for maternity health professionals course in Russia

Birthlight's ran it's first 'Yoga for Maternity Health Professionals' in Russia on 7-9 September in Moscow. Tutored by Wendy Gadsden, the course was a great success.

12 Sep 2013

A birth story - Julia East

Naveen attended the Trumpington pregnancy yoga classes during her second pregnancy. She asked me about supporting her and her husband during the birth as a doula and I was delighted to accept. It was all rather ‘last minute’ and on the day I met her husband Jono she was already having signs of early labour.

23 Jul 2013

Birthlight speaking at ICM Conference 2014

Once a pregnancy has been confirmed a woman wants to feel that she is looking after herself and her child safely, and Birthlight pregnancy yoga provides safe teaching.

19 Jul 2013

Постнатальная йога Бёртлайт - Франсуаза Фридман

статья из журнала Yoga& Health , октябрь 2012 За последние 10 лет постнатальная Йога была признана в качестве продолжения пренатальной Йоги.

01 Jun 2013

Birthlight yoga diploma for maternity professionals. Australasia 2013

April 2013 was an exciting month for Birthlight in the Antipodes. The Diploma was offered for the fifth year in New Zealand accredited 15 Elective Educational points by the Midwifery Council of New Zealand.

16 May 2013

Birthlight yoga for maternity professionals course receives MidPLUS endorsement from ACM

The Birthlight Yoga for Maternity Professionals course has just been awarded 18 MidPLUS points from the Australian College of Midwives Professional Development Committee.

04 Feb 2013

Birthlight yoga for maternity professionals update

Birthlight tutor Wendy Gadsden provides an update on the Birthlight Yoga for Professionals course in the UK and New Zealand.

18 Sep 2012

Birthlight yoga for maternity professionals - NZ midwifery update

We're really pleased to let you know that the Birthlight Yoga for Maternity Professionals course has been allocated 15 elective educational points from the New Zealand Midwifery Council.

05 Mar 2012

All party parliamentary committee on maternity

On 11th July I made my way to London to represent Birthlight at the All Party Parliamentary Committee on Maternity (APPGM) at the House of Commons, with my invitation card in hand.

29 Jul 2011