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Celebrating birthlight baby yoga

Birthlight pioneered what is now known as 'baby yoga' as an inclusive set of practices to enhance playful interaction and communication between parent and baby and to promote their healthy development. We are the original and offer what we believe to be the best baby yoga training and wish to celebrate this and all of the benefits that have spiralled to so many families and teachers.  

"Under the rubric of Birthlight baby yoga we offer a comprehensive stimulation of the senses together with movement and rhythm that babies need in order to best integrate experience and learn. Birthlight baby yoga offers an all in one land based practice for parents and babies (ideally complemented with Birthlight aqua baby classes) including massage, holds, stretching, singing and rhymes, game playing and relaxation. Birthlight Babies learn lots of shortcuts to ease their transition to developmental milestones (rolling sitting crawling standing walking), but mostly because this is done through loving interaction and fun, it helps their brain to grow lots of happy neuron networks at the time of most intense growth in human life." (Francoise Barbira Freedman).

Mothers recognise benefits of the sessions

"We got a lot from the course - some basic yoga (which we'd not done before), some lovely rhymes and actions, a reminder of the benefits of stretching, relaxing, and sometimes just chilling out together. As much as that we had a destination on a Tuesday morning in the grey time of year which we looked forward to, a really smiling and positive you every time we arrived, a nice group of people and no pressing 'teaching' atmosphere. We always left feeling good. 
Our favourite bits were all of the times you responded to what the room was telling us all - that our babies were a bit active, that they were a bit too tired, that it was time to change the tempo, because that always meant we felt that we were what it was all about, not getting through a structure. 
Having learned a lot without feeling we were being taught anything - now that's genius, and for me shows just how relaxed and intuitive you are with babies and mummies."

"My baby loved it. I enjoyed it immensely too. She would start gigling in pure joy  every time she was thrown up in the air and getting close with the faces of the  other babis. She enjoys it still and demands it every day. It opens your heart  to the joy of life "

"My son Moshe and I attended from about 4 months to 10 months or so: he loved it from the beginning and it was great for me to be able to do just a little bit of Yoga too. I was really excited once he got to be 7 months or so and began to initiate some of the moves on his own. When we showed some of the songs and moves to a developmental paediatrician, she was so excited she thought she would adopt them too. Thank you Sara!"

"This was the second course we did with Sally (having already completed the Baby Massage course). It was a great bonding experience and I learnt some wonderful and valuable skills that I can use everyday. I have become more confident as a mum because of these new skills. Sally's classes very warm and welcoming! I would definitely recommend that you do this course."

"I use things from baby yoga everyday – usually a song and some stretches for the baby!"

"Isla and I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the baby yoga sessions. I have learnt different ways to hold my daughter, enabling me to correct my posture and engage in different activities with her which she really enjoys. We have found the classes fun and engaging for myself and my daughter and a great way for the babies to interact with one another.  Thanks again."

"I can thoroughly recommend Sally’s Baby Yoga classes to mums and dads and their baby. Sally creates a wonderfully warm, relaxed atmosphere conducive to relaxation, learning and pure fun. The sessions provides a wonderful opportunity to have true one-to-one time with your baby, strengthening your bond – allowing you to have pleasurable time together free of outside distractions. I have come away with some very happy memories, a repertoire of joyful songs and actions and a greater insight and bond with my child."

"I loved all the classes we did with you last year. They will be some of my fondest memories of Freddie's babyhood for sure. Thank you so much for bringing us fun, relaxation and a very special bonding opportunity."

"I really enjoyed the baby yoga classes that we came to and we now do lots of bits from the class at home. It wasn't at all what I expected, much broader and more fun. I think it showed me that I can be one of the best toys for Thomas to play with given a bit of imagination!"

"This is a special time for me and my baby because we can interact so positively with no distractions of washing, ironing, cleaning and big brothers! "

"My baby was sometimes grumpy in class, but noticed she was more alert and active in the afternoon following it.’

"I often sing the songs and my baby recognises them."

"Great exercise for baby and mother, lovely way to bond…in a safe environment."

"I am much more comfortable playing physically with my baby."

How the relaxation can be used to calm individual babies

“After the birth of our precious baby daughter baby yoga made me feel good, relaxed about the weeks ahead”

"The sonic massage calmed Jacob."

"The relaxation is the best bit – you feel so tired and that refreshes you!'

Improving mum's physical health

"I felt achy and old – now I know how to stretch properly so I am more flexible and a better mum."

"It’s so good to ‘feel’ your own body again!"

Helps babies health

"He sleeps through now!!’

Observing babies individual development

"Me and William really enjoyed the baby yoga sessions. William especially liked the flying and the inversion, I feel the sessions have helped with his core strength so he can now sit up unaided unlike during the first week when he just flopped over."

"Love baby yoga so much, the last 6 weeks have seen George roll over for the 1st time and now pulling is knees under his belly ready to crawl, all thanks to you. He loves yoga we practice at home every day."

"Yoga helped us both with flexibility and increases the trust between Harley and I (e.g inversions).  He's rolling over really well and trying to poke his bottom skyward - crawling won't be long.  Harley loves the singing bit ( I was a bit wary, as I can't sing), he just doesn't care it's all good to him.

"Learning more about my baby and watching him develop."

"I can see difference in his movement since starting sessions."

"My baby’s more daring that I expected!"

"George enjoys this kind of physical interaction."


The social aspect of a good group

"What I liked best was meeting other parents and babies in a relaxing environment."

“Being able to talk to other women and to know that we were all going through the same thing helped”


With special thanks to Birthlight baby yoga teachers  Sara Barker, Julie Bickerton, Marion O'Connor, Sally LomasSally Martin, Penny Brown, Edlira Lati