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Changing lives on International Yoga Day #Yoga4All

Birthlight would like to encourage our teachers to join in the Yoga4All initiative (detailed below) on the International Day of Yoga, Friday 21 June 2019.

As an organisation we have consistently campaigned to make yoga more easily accessible to women in the community irrespective of their state of fitness and backgrounds. It's great therefore that we can be part of the initiative.

If you are willing to stage a class in your community please send an email with details to [email protected] with the mention Yoga4All initiative, we can then help to publicise.

International Yoga Day is fast upon us.  In the true spirit of international yoga day, a day devised to teach the world how yoga can support wellbeing, improve health, and improve connectedness the major yoga schools of the UK have come together and are asking their teachers to teach a free class at a GP surgery, hospital, community centre, homeless shelter, prison, etc.... providing a public service.

The brain-child of Regional Director of Public Health for Lancashire, Sakthi Karunanithu and Heather Mason, the Founder of the Yoga in Health Care Alliance, this is initiative is known as #Yoga4All.

The idea is, that if we bring yoga to those who really need to it, we can increase practice in society and help the many and create a Yoga Nation.  Share with all your yoga friends so that throughout the nation teachers are offering yoga and please use the hastag Yoga4All.  In three years we hope this action will go global spreading the message of yoga for those who are most need.

The video below offers a 45 minute basic practice that you can use as a template for safe teaching to most people (including those with health conditions).  Please feel free to offer any practice you like, but a gentle chair based class is usually best in the beginning. 

Tips re getting different organisations to allow you to teach: 

  • Approach with a pitch mentions that describes the health benefits for staff and patients: notably stress relief.  Explain you will be teaching a very basic yoga breathing technique that can be used at anytime.

  • Do not use Sanskirt or spiritual language.
  • When offering your services, at GP surgeries, offer a class before work hours for GPs, receptionist, nurses and practice managers.
  • At community centres, find the best time and let the centre decide who should be included.
  • In hospitals any time of day works, consider if you are going to work with patients, staff or both.  Be flexible on time.
  • For the homeless keep groups small and focus on stress relief and building resilence, homeless people and those who work with them see these as buzz words. 

Yoga4All Booklet>

Thank you for supporting Yoga4All, as all people can benefit from Yoga!