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China report - Amanda Gawthrope

I have had a request to share my experience in China so here is a little snippet from my visit...

My first visit to China was in the winter. It was indeed cold, but even then I witnessed people exercising early in the morning and dancing in the parks and outside shopping centre's of an evening. Imagine it if you can, trying to move in thick coats, hats and gloves!

So this time when I went I really was not ready at all for what I was about to see. This time it was spring, the blossom were on the trees, the atmosphere in the streets was light and cheerful and the weather warm and also quite hot at times.

I really could not believe my eyes, As I walked around I noticed how the parks were even more alive with people dancing or practising (in unison) tai chi with fans, ribbons and a bat and ball. One evening in particular had a profound effect on me. After a long day of teaching I heard this enchanting Chinese music and found myself being drawn into the park opposite Eureka Kids Centre in Beijing. I couldn't stop myself, I joined in with this exercises.  Must have been at least 300 of us young and old, male and female, marching in time while dancing in unison around the park. At first I received a few stares, but soon I was forgotten and became part of the whole. I don't think I have ever felt so euphoric as I did that evening after being part of this wonderful experience. What a fantastic eye opener into their wonderful culture. It now reminds me, that is the similar feeling I had regarding my teaching experience there. The way that my dedicated students have embraced both me and birthlight  so I feel very privileged to have taught in China and proud of the students both in Beijing and Taiyuan as they have worked extremely hard to achieved their diplomas while totally embracing both the gentle, balanced and harmonious birthlight method and philosophy of teaching Baby swimming and Aqua Yoga.

I wish both centres - Eureka Kids' in Beijing and High Five' in Taiyuan every success with their businesses and hope they have many joyful and wonderful experiences along the way.