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Coronavirus update

14 March 2020

On behalf of the Birthlight admin team, tutors and course organisers, we really empathise with any inconvenience the COVID-19 crisis may be causing you regarding planned courses and classes that you teach or attend. The spread of COVID-19 diagnosis is causing concern worldwide as a pandemic but we have the gift of yoga resources to keep calm in the eye of the storm and boost our immune systems day by day.

The safety and the well-being of pregnant women and new families are our main priority. So far very few cases of infections of pregnant women have been reported (in China), and even less of babies but we need to be vigilant with all contacts. The possible effects of corona viruses on pregnant women in the first trimester are still unresearched, but it is well known that high fevers can cause miscarriages and must be avoided as a matter of priority. We are working closely with all state authorities to follow all WHO and EASA guidelines to minimise any health risks to pregnant women attending Birthlight classes.

First and foremost, we recommend all of our members to follow the advice provided by Department of Health and Social Care (Public Health England), as is outlined on the website, and the World Health Organisation. We encourage all yoga teachers and the wider public to consult these resources regularly to stay abreast of the situation.

Out of the personal respect that is the cornerstone of the Birthlight philosophy, we do not have a set protocol to offer you. Within the cautions issued by your country or your place of teaching, you are best placed to decide what to do as the situation keeps evolving. Whether you decide to continue teaching while taking necessary precautions to protect yourselves and those you are in contact with, or you teach online, or you postpone your activities depends on your situation and also your personal choice.

The list of recommendations compiled by Yoga Alliance Professionals to limit the spread of COVID-19 is helpful to all of us in Birthlight:

  • Consult the gym/studio/centre where you teach for their COVID-19 protocol and follow this accordingly
  • Advise all students against attending class who may be in breach of government guidelines (e.g. returning from an affected country, flu-like symptoms)
  • Provide hand sanitiser at the start and end of every class
  • Stock and maintain your bathroom area with soap and hand towels
  • Stock and maintain your studio with disinfectant wipes and tissues
  • Regularly clean and tidy the class space and equipment (clean floors and surfaces, blankets and mats)
  • Avoid hands-on adjustments
  • Ask students to bring their own equipment to class and avoid sharing
  • Maintain a strong line of communication with your students about class cancellations and rescheduling. For students in isolation, consider emailing home sequences
  • Consult class terms and conditions for your refund policy. The final decision for a refund lies with the lead teacher or studio

All teachers with a BGi or a Yoga Alliance Professionals Public Liability Insurance remain covered. This cover remains valid so long as the teacher has followed the conditions of insurance and relevant government advice.

Birthlight members teaching in water need to be aware that warm humid pool environments and changing rooms place people at higher risk of virus transmission. Besides following the STA recommendations and your pool or franchise protocols regarding Covid 19, best practice is that all parents/poolside visitors currently presenting flu-like symptoms, regardless of possible contact with a confirmed coronavirus case, postpone attendance in classes until they are symptom-free.  Parents must confirm that they have not recently travelled from, or knowingly been in contact with someone who has travelled from any of the named countries listed in Public Health England advisory information without having undergone the advised action relating to 14 days self-isolation and, if recently symptomatic, they have been screen tested in the UK through NHS 111 service and been given a negative result. See Government guidance. During their time at our pools, visitors must please act in a way so as to avoid the spread of the virus through their best endeavours as recommended by the NHS.

If someone in your pool starts feeling unwell after arrival with flu-like symptoms including a fever, a cough, or difficulty breathing, beyond the normal practices of hand washing do recommend that he/she should stay next to an open window and avoid touching surfaces and door handles as much as possible until transport has been arranged if needed.

Over the next month we will issue home practices and sequences that can be done as yoga on the mat or off the mat at home. We have been pioneers of Kitchen Yoga! so much can be done to help with the discovery and enjoyment of transformative home practice for the benefit and wellbeing of all.

We wish you all good health and thank you all for continuing to place your trust in us. Should you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to get in touch.

Namaste and keep well and centred.

Additional Resources

We recommend that if you feel unwell, or have any of the symptoms regardless of visiting affected areas; please refer to the NHS Guidelines.

If you are planning to travel for a retreat or teacher training, we advise you look at the Fit for Travel advice from the NHS, and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office advice for travel.