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Why, if everyone knows that building work never runs on time, is the person managing the project always oblivious of the fact? Soon after we had the keys to the building that would one day become effraspace, I cheerfully and proudly booked our first Birthlight workshop for a date that still seemed eons away. But soon it became obvious that the puddles of water on the floor were indeed leaks from the roof, which had been triply certified as watertight as roofs can be by the very people who botched the repair. It took five visits from not-so-hastily despatched teams from our local council to establish that, yes, the roof was indeed leaking, and that the most likely cause were gangs of local youths, who in the middle of the night removed roof felt from local properties for laughs. So the first Birthlight course came and went and took space at my mum’s house (dubbed estherspace in tribute), but the next one would surely be fine. And indeed I was ensured a few days before that the underfloor heating would be working, the large room painted, three toilets up and running and the Internet connected. Well, we did have one toilet. But, to be fair, the large room looked pretty great and friendly, and several electric heaters and a few strategically placed pieces of furniture disguised the worst and when our first group of Birthlight students arrived on a bright and sunny Friday morning, it somehow felt like effraspace would be OK.

For many years we at Pinter & Martin have been dreaming about having a physical space where we could show off our books, but just a bookshop didn’t seem right. So when an unloved 60s former community centre, which over the past 20 years housed a poor nursery and a dodgy church, came up for rent one minute’s walk away from our home and offices, it was impossible to resist, despite the poor state of the building. We have high ambitions for effraspace. A hub for pregnancy, birth and parenting education, it should be a place where people can share ideas, learn something new and have fun in a safe and friendly environment. It will host our book launches, which will be live-streamed, and on top of our own curated classes, house workshops by like-minded organisations. So thank you, Birthlight for being the first to book the space, and thank you, first Birthlight students for being so kind and understanding about the building that wasn’t quite finished. We can’t wait to welcome you back to show off the bright, shiny and well-heated new effraspace when it is complete in the not-too-distant future.

More info on effraspace is at – like us Facebook or follow us on Twitter