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First yoga for maternity health professionals course in Russia

Birthlight's ran it's first 'Yoga for Maternity Health Professionals' in Russia on 7-9 September in Moscow. Tutored by Wendy Gadsden, the course was a great success.

Photos from the course can be seen on Birthlight Training Russia's facebook page.

One of the lovely pieces of feedback we received was from Natalia Butolina, a doctor who has set up the whole Birthlight programme from early pregnancy to early years in a polyclinic in the city of Samara. Natalia first trained with Françoise in 2008

"Before taking part in this course I really hesitated ... as the beginning of the course was a surprise for me...

And only now can I say, that it is good I stayed and not left, I am really happy to be there and  meet Wendy and other women. Everyone from the course left a special memory in my heart and knowledge.

A very friendly atmosphere, mutual understanding between the tutor and the students erased the distance of thousands kilometers. We turned out to be in one family, moving one way.

Wendy's course enlarged my understanding and feeling  of the labor circuit. I found answers to the personal questions I faced during my work with women on birth preparation. I found new goals for myself after this course. Once again I had a chance to feel myself in my own flow.

Now I can state that this course is useful not only for midwives, but also for perinatal instructors, to help them understand on a different level something new and understand something the future mum will face.

It was a surprise that I saw the movement you showed to us at part 1 of perinatal course, but somehow erased from my memory, and practice. Now I can return them back to my practical work!

Thanks to Wendy once again for her knowledge, her smile she shared with us all these 3 days!
Thanks Francoise to you for your magnificent experience and the team of unique teachers you gathered around you.

With best wishes to you"

Natalia Butolina