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Françoise's 70th Birthday Message

Dear all,

As the founder of Birthlight and on my 70th birthday, I would like to send each one of you my message of gratitude for your involvement, and the ways in which it has manifested.

What is Birthlight? Above all, it is the web made of our connections. Interwoven with each other, these connections form a bright, multi-coloured fabric that I like to think of as a magic cloak, extending out over our many circles of friends and across the world. Together, we are more than the sum of our parts, because this light extends as wellbeing to the people we touch, both directly and beyond. There is something distinctively “birthlight” that is shared beyond apparent differences: something that is recognized instantly everywhere Birthlight tutors have held courses.

In the Amazon, I have already been an elder for quite some time, enjoying intimacy with indigenous elders. Here in the UK, this birthday ushers me to elder status. With it come both the expected qualities of wisdom and detachment, and permissible freedoms beyond the conventions of middle age. Finally, I can be officially outrageous! As an elder in Birthlight, I have the benefit of a life-times acquaintance with cycles that seem to repeat themselves like swings of a historical pendulum; in birth expectations, infant feeding, baby submersions and  styles of early parenting.  As the parameters of what is possible shift, new forms of balance are sought. I strongly believe that we need to maintain our trust that this balance is worth working for, even in the face of steps that move us both forwards and backwards. Last week, we saw children sign-posting new paths from climate change awareness to action. This is one of many significant grassroots calls for greater nurture throughout our global society at all levels, but most particularly in the primal continuum from pregnancy to birth and the early years.

Thirty years ago, it was already clear that pregnant couples and new parents had a need for the embodied knowledge patiently imparted to me by my Amazonian indigenous hosts. I was slow to learn their way of becoming a “real human being”, that is an adult who passes on received knowledge and care. They called me “she who walks with the ancients” and to this day I have tried to stay true to this sacred name. Ancient knowledge is indeed of crucial importance for the nurture of the psychological, mental and spiritual aspects of our body-minds that biomedicine, with all its life-saving wonderful new technologies, has neglected in its advances.

With thirty years of pioneering and developing effective (and low-cost) teaching practices that promote body balance and co-regulate the emotions, heart rate and sleep of mothers and babies through breathing and relaxation, we have a terrific head-start.  We are very well equipped to respond to the challenges of bridging the gap between community and hospital-based maternity care, including postnatal support. Our Birthlight vision is fully in sync with international policies that place wellbeing throughout the life cycle at the forefront of their agendas. The next decade may be one of blowing our trumpets louder and clearer!

Again, thank you all for being part of this exciting adventure.

With love and light

We'd love to wish Françoise a very Happy Birthday and share just a few images of her Birthlight adventure so far


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Happy Birthday from Birthlight Russia

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