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From the Amazonian tribes to China thanks to you!

From the Amazonian tribes to China: who could have predicted 30 years ago that birthlight’s spiral of joy would shine in so many different countries?  This has happened through the drive and expertise of birthlight founder, Francoise Freedman, the dedication of the tutors who are willing to travel and take birthlight to new countries and a small and efficient UK office team, but above all it has happened thanks to you!

Delivering birthlight training courses in a new country can start in two ways:

  • It can be via a student who joins one of our courses and then takes the plunge to organise the course. For those familiar with Asterix and Obelix, a French cartoon, their 1st course with birthlight is the little magic potion that gives them the strength to spread the approach in their country. In China, this is how we now have 2 wonderful courses organisers:  Sunny in Qin Dao and Grace in Shanghai.
  • Or it can start with someone who did their research while exploring a business idea and decided that birthlight will be the best fit to provide their in-house courses. I will always remember the visit of Jeannette Zhang, co-founder of Eureka Kids and her excitement for her centre project.

From our first training at Eureka Kids in 2013 to today, we have trained over 400 students in mainland China: a small number compared to the size of the country but a large achievement for our small team!  And all the way, we do our best to ensure that the Birthlight ethos is followed, that no exclusivity deal is agreed because we truly believe that Birthlight is for all (my apologies if this sounds political or evangelical!); a pregnant lady whether in Peru, Russia, Europe or China has the same fears and joy when it comes to pregnancy, childbirth and welcoming her new baby.

So what are our activities today in China?

  • We have a Light on Parenting’ conference' in Beijing, 8-10 December 2017, the first birthlight conference outside the UK, where we will explore the dry and water elements so important to our training. We will also share some great research work from our guest speakers:  Beatriz Esesarte Pesqueira, Emily Hills, Heater Mason and Kirsten Uvnäs-Moberg.
  • We have two fully dedicated and remarkable course organisers, each focusing on the courses that are close to their hearts and expertise: Sunny for all the birthlight courses related to water and Grace for all the courses on land. They also co-operate with each other to allow the students to discover both sides of birthlight.
  • We are offering in-house courses for some large franchises such as Eureka Kids and High-Five.
  • We have developed a 10-day lessons plan training course to enable birthlight trained swim schools to advance their knowledge of running baby swimming classes. 
  • We are recognising, via our Birthlight Certified Centres, the great efforts and dedication of managers who train their staff with birthlight and go out of their way to offer a pleasant, safe, enjoyable birthlight experience to their local families. 

For more information and to book the conference please see Conference website>     Chinese website >

To contact your course organiser in China >

To have more information about becoming a certified centre or the 10-day lessons plan training course: Please email [email protected]

To find your nearest training course >

For the greater enjoyment of pregnancy, birth and beyond,

Sylvie Russell
Birthlight Managing Director
Cambridge, Oct .2017

A special thanks to 3 birthlight teachers, Anna Wilson, Heather Seward, Alison Pritchett who contributed to the writing of the lessons plans.